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Escort the wealthy man to the coast.


A man of particular wealth from Takigakure, Saito Ran, has recently pissed off a trio of rogue ninjas. The man has decided to lay low for a while in his far-away resort, but to get there he must get to the shore of Takigakure. With these ninja out for his blood, he needs an escort to the shore, so he can sail away.

Mission RecapEdit

Nobu, Arya, and Jace arrived at the mansion of Saito Ran in Takigakure. They then started to escort him to the coast. On the way they passed though a wooded area. Scouting ahead, Jace and Fawked found a merchant with a broken cart and investigated. The rest of the group caught up and asked if they could press on, but the merchant said no and two ninjas jumped out of the wagon to ambush Nobu, Arya, and Jace. The merchant then dropped his henge to reveal that he, too, was a ninja. They demanded that Saito be handed over to him, but the trio refused to let their charge go. Saito identified their combatants as Kawaii, Desu, and Daiki, the ninjas who he hired Nobu et al. to protect him from.

A battle then ensued between the two ninja trios. Kawaii fought with her water jutsu, while Desu used fire and Daiki used wind. The group also tried to pose and move about acrobatically, but their silly moves caused a reduction in speed and created openings that Nobu, Arya, and Jace were able to exploit. Arya fought against Kawaii, while Jace and Nobu took on Desu and Daiki. Nobu defeated Daiki by breaking his arm, then using his exploding palm to destroy the man and his face. Jace used a combination attack with his hawk, Fawkes, to deal a devastating blow to Desu, and Arya knocked Kawaii out.

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