Mission DetailsEditEdit

  • Date : 2/4/14
  • Submitted by : Kurai
  • Rank : C
  • Overseer : Kurai
  • QP : 4
  • Reward : 2000

​Ninja TeamEditEdit

  • Sank
  • Spidey

Mission ProfileEditEdit

Goal : 

Find out the disturbance in Gai-Fei

Recap : 

Spidey and Sank are both at an inn when a strange rumbling is heard. When they go outside they notice a giant flaming humanoid burning a path to the center of the city. They attack the figure and notice the chakra orbs in its body. They attack the orbs and the main controller shows up, the smug bandit. After a long battle, smug bandit uses a fire attack which puts people in danger, thus getting rid of Spidey until Sankuro finishes the battle and saves the village of Gai-Fei.

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