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Solve the problem of the mysterious disappearances in the forest reserve near Konoha.


People have been going missing from a popular forest reserve that serves as a vacation destination from many. The cause of the disappearances is unknown, though Nen strongly believes it to be the work of cannibals. The ninja have been assigned to figure out.

Mission RecapEdit

  • ninja make it to reserve
  • no idea where to start so they look around
  • find big heavy tracks
  • hear screams
  • oh look there are people being eaten by sickly, deformed, giant, humanoid things
  • ninja kill them
  • see tracks lead somewhere
  • follow to odd looking dead, twisted tree. Tree has a hole in the middle that looks like a mouth. inside the mouth in unnaturally dark. words "tribute to the mother" are scrawled above the tree
  • Kai puts a bit oh flesh from their last fight in the hole
  • tree opens up into staircase
  • stair case leads into large room with test tubes filled with cannibal monsters.
  • tanyu and sessho start smashing, bad idea, they wake up.
  • ninja beat all the nasties. There is a hallway to the right and straight ahead.
  • ninja go right into a hallway.
  • find sobing boy with injection marks in his arm
  • kai asks the boy to take them to the mother
  • boy takes them down the other hall
  • utoh moma is hungry. snaps finger boy falls to ground in pain. much hurt.
  • four test tubes in this room have clones of mama in them.
  • party kill mama easily, sessho curb stomps the boy to death, mama comes out of another test tube with power ups.
  • party kills mama 2.0 and all her clones.
  • party wins \o/

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