Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 3/12/2014
  • Submitted by: Hiwa
  • Rank: B
  • Overseer: Hiwa
  • QP Reward: 3
  • Ryo Reward: 1500

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Mrokeii
  • Zumoni 
  • Yurei

Mission ProfileEdit


Get out of genjutsu


Rito return putting mrokeii in a genjutsu

Mission RecapEdit

mrokeii got put in genjutsu and fought inari with his mom. she said she loved him and he could beat inari. meanwhile zumoni threatens the uchiha who put him in it but the man stays calm and tries talking to yurei. he informs them he and his daughter are looking for samara. once mrokeii snaps out of it he heads toward the kage building the whole group watches him uneasy.

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