Furuhoshi Clan
Clan Leader Hitoshii Furuhoshi
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Furuhoshi Clan are a ninja clan from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Although not as prestigious as the Hyuga or Uchiha, the Furuhoshi are an old clan, able to trace their roots back before even the First Hokage. During the Third Shinobi War, two members of the Furuhoshi clan were made famous due to their use of the clan's ultimate move, the Star Release.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Furuhoshi, being one of the oldest clans in the Shinobi world, have an extensive lineage. Many clans were at some point related to the Furuhoshi by marriage. Using their signature ability, the Call of the Ancestors(Sosen no Yobidashi), any member of the Furuhoshi clan may call upon their ancestors extensive experience to guide and aid them in battle. This is done usually through applying Furuhoshi blood to the family ring, but the ability can be activated without the ring.

Signature Jutsu: Fire Style: Dragon's BreathEdit

This fire jutsu covers the users' fist in a cloak of fire. The fire can then be used as a sort of short ranged flamethrower, or if it comes into contact with something( or someone!), the user can choose to let the flames engulf the target.

Signature Jutsu: Lightning Style: Thunder FistEdit

The Thunder fist is a lightning- based jutsu that charges the users fist in lightning. Basically, it is a lightning version of the Dragon's Breath.

Signature Jutsu: Star ReleaseEdit

This jutsu is an extremely powerful jutsu. No one in the present Furuhoshi clan can use it, and the last two users of the jutsu died in the Third Shinobi War.  The Star Release jutsu can only be used if the user uses Dragon's Breath, Thunder Fist, and uses the Call of the Ancestor ability at the same time.  The user then slams their fists together, which pulls a star down from the sky, condenses it to about the size of a fist, then lands in the outstreached hand of the user.  The star can then be slamed into something, which causes a collosal explosion.

Current MembersEdit

Hirashi Furuhosho

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