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Fuyu Kobayashi
Personal Information
Username /u/Katarumi
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5'5"
Weight 115
Clan None
Rank Genin

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fuyu is rather plain in appearance; you wouldn't really be able to pick him out from a crowd. He is moderately short and lithe, with a skin tone best described as simply 'average'. His brownish-red hair is curly towards the tips, but wavy for most of the hair's length, and reaches to the top of his shoulders. His eyes are about the same color as his hair, if maybe a bit warmer in color.

He carries a Shamisen and a Shakuhachi. The Shamisen's strings are chakra-enhanced, making them less likely to break, though they can still be deliberately cut. The Shakuhachi is much more sturdy unless burned. Both instruments are of red mahogany wood, and as such are rather prone to fire Jutsu.

Despite his Jutsu being loud, Fuyu himself is quiet and reserved. Though this gives him a mysterious air some people may regard as 'cool', his silence is born out of awkwardness. Loyalty is not his strong suit; one moment, he may be your ally, helping you through all sorts of trouble. The next...well, he may still be your ally, or he may not. This often goes back to his awkwardness causing him to not form bonds as well as other ninja, and as such he has fewer qualms about jumping ship if he perceives the fight is turning against him. In day to day life, he is almost a sort of creepy ghost, following people around but saying little or nothing. He enjoys the company of people, but does not know how to seek it, so instead he pretty much stalks people. If his stalkee expresses any sort of negative emotion about being creeped on, he often misses the hint and simply continues his stalker ways anyway. If he does realize that his stalkee wants nothing to do with him, he'll follow from a farther distance, playing mournful songs at them until they relent and let him follow closer again. If they don't relent...well, they're going to be hearing a lot of depressing music for the new few weeks. Or months. Or years. Oddly enough, if a stalkee becomes too affectionate or romantic towards him, Fuyu backs away for unknown reasons. Perhaps he has commitment issues, as evidenced by his lack of loyalty. Maybe his stalkees aren't objects of his romantic desire, but rather just a manifestation of his need for human interactions. Who knows? He sure doesn't. He doesn't even really have any sort of goal in life at this point. Instead he just sort of drifts along on the winds, doing whatever pleases him, which is music about ninety-eight percent of the time. He'll probably find something to live for soon, or else he'll be swept away by the raging gusts that are about to descend on the land.

Stats (Total:34)Edit

Strength: 3Edit

Speed: 7Edit

Intelligence: 9Edit

Chakra Levels: 5Edit

Chakra Control: 7Edit

Endurance: 3Edit

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin1: Basic Sound manipulationEdit

Genin 2: Basic Lightning ChakraEdit

Chunin: N/AEdit

Jonin: N/AEdit

S-Rank: N/AEdit

Kage Rank: N/AEdit

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Feats earned so far: 3Edit

Banked feats: 0Edit

QP Banked: 0Edit

  1. Ability: Trilling Devil: An ominous song that starts out slow and soft, growing louder and more terrifying as Fuyu continues playing uninterrupted. The effects of the Jutsu start as subtle as the song, growing more dangerous as the song continues. The first stages of the song start with vague hallucinations; shadows moving of their own accord, magnifying the sound of the victim's beating heart. As the song continues, the victim's terror increases, and the final stages of the song can cause the victim to lash out at allies, act rashly, hurt themselves or simply freeze up in fear. Played with either the shakuhachi or the shamisen.
  2. Ability: Hawk's Scream:  A Shakuhachi exclusive technique that is simply a chakra directed and boosted burst of high-pitched sound. If focused well enough on an unsuspecting target, the sound can disrupt enemies for several seconds. In battle situations, it usually only buys Fuyu a second or a second and a half at most, unless the enemy has sensitive ears, though ringing of the ears or temporary deafness can last up to half a minute in both cases. The disorienting effect of the Jutsu is multiplied by the number of obstructions surrounding the point the sound emanates from, and is strengthened greatly in caves or other areas that have profound echos. Oddly, Fuyu is exceptionally weak to this technique. If the victim can find a way to throw the sound back on Fuyu, he'll be dazed for longer than usual and his temporary deafness weakens his other sound-based jutsu.
  3. Equipment: Fuyu's Shakuhachi: A crude Shakuhachi that Fuyu made when he was young. Initially it was little more than a bamboo stick with holes in it, but he has continued to improve its design over the years. It is coated in a waterproof resin to protect it from some of the elements; however, it is still very much flamable. It appears to be a fairly ordinary branch, perhaps an inch in diameter, wider at the bottom than at the top. It is the standard Shakuhachi length (about 55 centimeters).


1 Military Rations Pill

1 Naginata

1 Thread (just in case)

(Cost: 9 points)

Completed MissionsEdit

S-Rank: 0Edit

A-Rank: 0Edit

B-Rank: 0Edit

C-Rank: 0Edit

D-Rank: 0Edit

Raids: 0Edit

Other: 0Edit

History and StoryEdit

Fuyu lived an average life. His parents before him were average ninja, neither reaching a particularly high rank or high mastery. Throughout school he always kept up with his schoolwork, as boring, average genin often do. When he was about eight or nine, his father showed him how to make a Shakuhachi from a bamboo reed. Fuyu's grandfather had played Shakuhachi as a hobby, but his father did not inherit the skill and regrets it to this day. It took several years for Fuyu to learn to simply play the Shakuhachi at all. By the time he graduated from Ninja school and became a Genin, he was able to play decently well, and was beginning to learn to use his chakra to manipulate the sound, effect and loudness of his songs. It would take several more years before he would make any breakthroughs. Eventually he came up with the Hawk's Scream technique, a technique that requires basic chakra control and little skill to perform. He recently developed a technique he referse to as the Trilling Devil technique, though he is still working on this technique in order to make it more effective.

All this time spent on schoolwork and instruments, though, resulted in Fuyu having some noticable defecits. His endurance and strength are rather low due to his lack of physical training, and his social skills leave a lot to be desired.

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