Gaara, The Fifth Kazekage
Personal Information
Username NPC
Age 90 (deceased)
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 112lbs
Affiliation Sunagakure
Clan if an
Rank Kage


Gaara is very old in appearance. At the old age of 90 he is seen sitting down most of the time, and is an excessivily wise individual. 

Stats (Total:297)Edit

Strength: 25Edit

Speed: 26Edit

Chakra Levels: 36Edit

Chakra Control: 36Edit

Endurance: 20Edit

Banked: 0Edit

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Sand ReleaseEdit

Genin 2: Wind Release Edit

Chunin: Available Edit

Jonin: AvailableEdit

S-Rank: AvailableEdit

Kage Rank: AvailableEdit


Feats earned so far: 35Edit

Banked feats: 0Edit

  1. Air Sand Protective Wall
  2. Armour of Sand
  3. Desert Layered Imperial Funeral
  4. Desert Suspension
  5. Feigning Sleep Technique
  6. Prison Sand Burial
  7. Quicksand Waterfall Flow
  8. Sand Binding Coffin
  9. Sand Binding Prison
  10. Sand Bullet
  11. Sand Clone
  12. Sand Drizzle
  13. Sand Hail
  14. Sand Sensing
  15. Sand Shuriken
  16. Sand Waterfall Funeral
  17. Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral
  18. Shield of Sand
  19. Successive Shots: Sand Drizzle
  20. Third Eye
  21. Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
  22. Wind Release: Infinite Sand Cloud - Great Breakthrough
  23. Great Sand Barrier 
  24. Multi Sand Clone


  • (32) Sand Gourd 

History and StoryEdit

Gaara, yes, the Gaara. He enjoyed an incredibly long reign as the Kazekage before his grandson, Raki led the Outlanders in an attack against Suna. He died during the attack under mysterious circumstances.

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