Name: Explosive Release: Sho Dobutsu(Small Animal)[1]Edit


Classification: NinjutsuEdit

Parent Rank: Gami Kekkei Genkai Edit

Class: OffensiveEdit

Range: MidEdit

Hand Seals: UnknownEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 8Edit

Chakra Level: 7Edit


This technique always the user to mold clay into a small animal and put chakra in it in order for it to explode. Since the user is not a native Explosive release user, nor is as skilled as Deidara was it takes more time, effort and chakra to make the animals. They can make a select few small animals listed below.

Stats are Speed| Explosion size| Cost


  • Swallow(Medium, Medium, Very small)
  • Hummingbird(Fast, Small, Small )
  • Pidgeon(Slow, Large,Small )    


  • Twin rats(Slow, Medium,Very Small)
  • Turtle(Very slow, Very large, Medium)
  • Cat(Medium,Medium,Small)
  • 6 Spiders(Fast, Tiny, Medium)

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