Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Remove the Crimson Lotus outpost and get any information they may have.


A small squad has been assembled to attack a small outpost of Crimson Lotus individuals that has set up near one of the smaller towns in the Fire Country. Their purpose seems to be harassing the villagers, stealing from them, extorting money, and just generally making life more difficult for people in the area. Celeste is leading a group of genin to deal with this base and hopefully recover some sort of useful information about the group.

Mission RecapEdit

Celeste met her squad some distance from their appointed area. After exchanging some words, they headed towards the affected village where they talked with a resident who answered what questions he could. Celeste then went ahead to scout the nearby forested mountain and found a shack. She returned to her genin group and they headed for the shed. Kihaku knocked at the shack and received a rude answer, then two guys came from behind to intimidate/scare her away. The rest were hiding in the trees and ambushed the shack occupants. As they were winning, more men came from the shack, though as they were being attacked/beaten down, a surprise fireball came from beside the shack. Not much longer another opponent caught Nenshou off guard and joined the fight. Celeste took care of the fireball user, while the rest of the genin were able to finish off the other two opponents.

After they finished off the enemies, they entered the shack and found a trap door with some supplies and ledgers. They took the ledgers to examine later and returned the stolen goods and money to the village.

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