Name: Genjutsu: Paralysis

Classification: Genjustu
Parent Rank: Genjutsu Specialist
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid
Hand Seals: Dog Boar Bird
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 9
Chakra Level: 6


The user casts a paralysis effect upon their opponent. Causing them to be unable to move for a short period of time.

The illusion created causes the user to disappear in a swirl of leaves infront of the eyes. Then from four seperate directions, four chuunin ninja appear and launch a weighted chakra absorbing chain at the opponenet. The chains wrap around the opponent wrists and legs and they are then held in that postion, unable to move. This is an illusion however and neither the nin or the chains exist.

The user can then attack the opponenet however they see fit, and will emerge in teh illusion behind the opponent and stab them in the back, but in the reality they have just been struck with an attack of varying kinds.

[10CP] Basic Paralysis, holds the opponent for a few seconds

[20CP] Intermediate Paralysis. binds the opponent in place for seven seconds, can be used to paralyse just one area (any limb or hand etc), this effect last for the same amount of seconds.

This attack is based on these attacks :

Known Users:
Kiyoshi Satou

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