Name: Ultimate NightmareEdit


Romanji: Kyuukyoku no akumu no JutsuEdit


Classification: GenjutsuEdit

Parent Rank: JouninEdit

Class: Offensive Edit

Range: Short Edit

Hand Seals: N/aEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 15Edit

Chakra Level: 15Edit


The user brings the opponent under a genjutsu in which it is nothing but the opponent’s fears, nightmares and everything they fear in the world. The compilation of everything horrible to them in the world is compiled into one. This final genjutsu is attempted to bring the user under complete madness, and eventually to have them commit suicide. However, if the users emotions are stronger then the genjutsu, such as Absolute Hatred, then the genjutsu breaks.

Known Users:Edit


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