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Get out of the genjutsu.


Eclipse's team were put under a powerful genjutsu that recreated characters from the past. This Genjutsu can only be broken by defeating all these characters.

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The 4 ninja found themselves on a road, and across that road were for other ninja, they were  Zabuza, Haku, Asuma, and Rock Lee. These ninja charged at our heroes and proceeded to fight them in one on one combat. Eclipse fought and eventually defeated Asuma, and then proceeded to fight Rock Lee who had knocked out Mentsuyu. Ezekial then tried to join the fight but was too injured, from his fight with Haku to help much. After taking quite the beating and blowing off Lee's hand with a rasengan, Eclipse was sent flying. Levi, finishing off Zabuza, charged Lee and stabbed him through with his Tanto, holding Lee still for his Heron summon to finish Lee off.

The Genjutsu was dispelled and all the ninja woke up on a yellow brick road, none of them wearing pants.