Name: Gravity Acceleration TechniqueEdit

====Kanji: 重力加速度


Classification: NinjutsuEdit

Parent Rank: Haruo Clan Gravity Manipulation/Gravity ReleaseEdit

Class: Supplementary Edit

Range: N/A Edit

Hand Seals: N/AEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 7Edit

Chakra Level: 6Edit


This jutsu takes the user's chakra and uses it to distort and increase the gravitational force on any part of the user's body, or what they channel their chakra into (I.E. kunai or other equipment). This will greatly increase the weight and force behind whatever the user's chakra is chanelled into. For example, this jutsu can be performed on the user's arm, and the weight and force behind a punch would dramatically increase. 

Known Users:Edit

Minawa Haruo

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