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Nui and Masaki are traveling to Kumo to speak with the raikage when they are attacked by Hanta. Okami has temporarily left them to visit a shrine along the way. Hanta is a higher ranking member of the Oni and has come to put an end to the mischief Nui and Masaki have planned.

Mission RecapEdit

Nui and Masaki are walking when attacked by Hanta Uchiha. She is a Jonin of high caliber. She is an Uchiha and uses her wits to make her a powerful enemy in combat. To top it all off she has the MS and Izanagi in a pinch. After a tough battle the two ninja successfully defeat the girl, though both receive serious almost fatal injuries. Masaki's memory is permanently altered by the girls Mangekyo genjutsu, and Nui was forced to defeat the girl by herself. She would have met a swift end had she not awakened her own Mangekyo Sharingan and burnt the shocked Hanta to a crisp with Amaterasu.But did she really, or was it just another trick of the Mangekyo?

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