Clan Leader Minawa Haruo
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Haruo Clan originally came from Kumogakurei, but due to the necesity of a strong clan, the Raikage enlisted the clan to begin fighting in future wars. When they refused, they were exterminated, but one of the memebers, a younger version of Minawa Haruo, escaped and fled to Takigakurei. Due to the circumstances of war, the new memebers can be from both Sunagakurei and Takigakurei.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Haruo Clan generally has Jounin level Chakra control and levels. This is required for their Kekkei Genkai. Memebers of the Haruo clan generally fight in long distances, as most of them have relatively low strength levels.


The Kekkei Genkai is the use of chakra to distort and manipulate the gravitational forces of where the chakra is located. These abilities require skilled amounts of Chakra control and good reserves of chakra itself.


This jutsu takes the user's chakra and uses it to distort and increase the gravitational force on any part of the user's body, or what they insert their chakra into (I.E. kunai or other equipment). The will greatly increase the weight and force behind whatever the user's chakra is behind. For example, this jutsu can be performed on the user's arm, and the weight and force behind a punch would dramatically increase.

Current MembersEdit

Minawa Haruo

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