Name: Haunting Dead
Kanji: デッドたたり
Romanji: Deddo tatari

Classification: Taijutsu
Parent Rank: Taijutsu Specialist
Class: Offensive
Range: Long/Mid/Short/Personal
Hand Seals: N/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 10
Chakra Level: 9

The user funnels chakra through their arms and legs, making them move so fast that they catch fire. The user then does a series of punches, each one causing a shockwave that again catches fire. When the user is farther away from the opponent, it can be used from a distance to do a rapid fire series of shockwaves. (40 CP power when not using 8 gates. 10 CP with 40 CP power when using 8 gates.)

However, when close and hitting an opponent, the force and speed of the opponents hits and kicks increases drastically, due to the speed and strength caused by the chakra funneling through their bodies. In addition to being burnt, the opponent is also hit with multiple shockwaves at close range. (Speed and strength are increased by 8 temporarily. Speed increases basic movement and strength increases the damage they do. +20 CP when not using 8 gates. 5 CP when using)

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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