Personal Information
Age 21
Gender Female
Affiliation Fuma Clan
Clan None
Rank Summon

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Hera is a very tall and big blue heron [About Gamabunta size]. She has a sash with the Fuma sign around her neck. She is in very high standing and everybody who doesnt treat her as such will be hated by her. She is arrogant and will not like people easily.


(Total: 120)
Strength: 23 
Speed: 25 
Chakra Control: 9
Endurance: 9
CP: 82

Rank UpgradesEdit

Wind Release


  1. Wind style: Sickle weasel jutsu [20 CP] - Hera creates a big strong gust of wind with her wings. These winds gain powerful vacuüm pockets with great cutting powers.
  2. Wind style: Featherblade [10 CP] - Hera runs wind style chakra over her wings which makes them act like very sharp blades.
  3. Wind style: Great gale justu [10 CP] - Hera creates a powerfull gust of wind with her wings. She has great control over arc of the wind.

History and StoryEdit

Hera grew up on the Cloudcutter a mountain inhabitted by Herons in the land of Sound. From a young age like most other familiar herons she has a summon contract with someone from the Fuma clan. She has one with Levi Yuki. Along the summoning herons she is one of the most powerful and is in very high standing.

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