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Ninja TeamEdit

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Locate and dispose of the highwaymen controlling a Kumogakure bridge.


Kumogakure has requesteed help from the other countries to dispose of a few Highwaymen on there bridge. The highwaymen consist of 3 rogue ninja.

Mission Recap:Edit

The group began at a meeting in a small field in the Fire Country. They had conversations and discussed their skills as they made their way to the Lighting Country. Nearing the end of their discussion, a few border patrol guards let them pass. Soon enough, they reached Kumogakure and were greeted by 3, chunin level Kumo-nin. These 3 led them to the bridge and quickly dispersed. The group soon met the highwaymen who attempted to collect a pay from them. Allen declined and quickly attacked the shortest ninja, Aang. He was far to fast and tried to quickly remove Allen from the fight. Allen was saved by Kai who attempted to fight 1 on 1 against Aang but was quickly defeated as well. Soon enough, the other 2 highwaymen joined the fray. One fought using a Naginata and the other was a rogue Nara clan member.  The naginata fighter quickly charged while creating a misty cover for the Nara clan member to extend his shadow. Allen tried to kick the highwaymen. It connected but at the cost of the naginata slicing his chest. Soon after, Allen passed out from blood loss. Angered at the enemy for hurting his friend, Kai assumed his Sharkimi mode and attacked the Nara. The Nara was able to stop Kai at the last second while the group battled with Aang. Aang still proved to fast for the other fighters but showed no physical strength. He relied mainly on his jutsu that the others were mainly able to dodge. Kuma attacked the Nara later and tried to defeat him. Kuma attacked with a Fuma shuriken that the Nara let land into Kai's back as the Nara lost all of his chakra. He lost consciousness and Kai dropped to the ground, unable to move. Seeing the situation as dire, the group busted out everything they had, landing only 1 hit on Aang. This attacked barely scratched him as he prepared his final jutsu. He made a few hand sings and yelled " Fire Release: Flaming Bomb!" as a large explosion destroyed the enitre bridge, sending the team saling away. Noone was killed, Allen remained unconscious. Kai awoke but was severely injured and Momo walked away with a pair of eyes!

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