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Rescue the girl


A young girl named Mirou has been kidnapped by a dangerous man known as Kurosichi. Kurosichi is a known, small time gang leader who takes advantage of anyone whenever he can. Although the leaf has been recovering, a certain shop-owner has yet to pay back debts to Kurosichi -- and as a result, he and his men are holding the shop-owner's daughter hostage for payment.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninjas traveled to the village and met with the shop keeper. He told them about the circumstances leading to the loan he owed Kurosichi and said that the entire village owed him money after a drought, but he'd been demanding more and more from them in return for this "favor". He'd also been engaging in some brutish methods to extract payments. They got information on where his gang holed up and headed there, finding no one outside the fortress. They snuck in and passed by some of the occupants, then went to a room at the back and engaged in a battle. They then locked themselves in to seal off the others that were responding. The bandits then blasted the door open and filled the room with smoke. When Asumizu exited he was ambushed and thrown into the wall. Kai crept out and was also attacked, but able to unleash a seishin beam that killed many and left a lot of structural damage. They then explored the rest of the fortress and ended up finding the girl and retrieving some of the village's wealth.

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