Name: Hunchi Possesion
Kanji: unknown
Romanji: unknown

Classification: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Kenjutsu etc
Parent Rank: None
Class: Offensive
Range: Personal
Hand Seals: None
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: enter minimum requirement
Chakra Level: enter minimum requirement

A member of the Hontane clan that has reached the age of 18 is faced with this ability. When under intense emotion or stress, a demon version of themselves that lives inside of them takes over their body. When taken over their body changes til it resembles the demon, normally the demon has dark skin, brown or black, and hair made of the hosts elemental affinities. While each demon is different, all of them like destruction and will never stop fighting til they die, which kills the host. It is possible to fight your Hunchi in your mind, if succesful the user would gain the hunchi's abilities permanently, though doing this would have to be done through Rp

  1. Hunchi Possesion - Possesed by his inner demon, clais gains 5 speed and strength 20 CP activation and upkeep  
  2. Hunchi Chakra - Clais gains the chakra reserves of his inner demon, gaining 15 cp for each feat invested under Hunchi Possesion. Caps at 30 for Genin and 90 for all other ranks (Grants 75)
  3. Hunchi Instinct - When Motus takes over Clais, he gains hightened senses. Clais has the ability to activate this at will without Motus taking him over. [Partial bonuses +5 to reaction time on speed, and +5 to ability to hit on strength. 10 Cp to activate and maintain]
  4. Hunchi Presence - Clais has the ability to manipulate a field of chakra made from Motus' evil intent. This field is clearly visible as its a dark grey in color, and it has around a 15 foot diamater,  this field slows people senses, it also decays skin and bone if stayed in for entended periods. He has the ability to make sure people aren't affected by it, so it won't harm allies if he doesn't want it too. [20 cp activation and upkeep]
  5. Hunchi Chakra Arms - The user extends the chakra surrounding him to make arms that can be used to make jutsu or attack opponents. Arms can be extended up to 20ft. Can make up to 2 arms to from jutsu or attack per round. Can be produced from any part of the body. (CP Cost: 10, Maintenance: 5 CP, Strikes from the arms hit like 10 CP attacks.)

Known Users:
Clais Hontane

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