Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Trac down the two missing ninja from Kiri.


A jonin from kiri and his brother defected and went to Ame to start a new criminal organization.

Mission RecapEdit

The two Kiri ninja arrived in Ame and were greeted there by their teammates. The ninja decided to the red-light side of town. They make a large amount of noise and draw attention to themselves. The people in this part of town fearing ninja (they’re like the police!) instinctively clear off the streets. The ninja decide to break down a door and assault the woman inside while a crowd gathers outside. The crowd quickly turns into a mob and a man steps forward. He tells the ninja that they will have to pay for what they’ve done. Katsu lightens all of them and they jump on top of a building, the man  and a boy from the crowd run up the wall after them.  The four ninja fight the man and boy from the crowd, and defeat them, though Katsu and Hayate suffered serious injuries. The two people form the crown look nothing like the missing-nin they were sent to track, but Masaki notices the boy is a medical-nin and probably used cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance. The group head back to Masaki’s place so he can use his tools and confirm this. There a great deal of roleplay goes on “join us, join us, join us, ok” and Masaki’s theory is confirmed. All parties involved earn 4 QP and 2000 Ryo.

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