Name: Ice Release: Ice Armor Jutsu
Chakra Type: Ice Release
Chakra Control: 6
Chakra Level: 8
Description:Ice Release: Ice Armor. In the most dire situations the Ultimitore clan uses the ice armor jutsu. They are coated in a thick armor which still allows them to fight without being damaged. The armor features blades along the hands, feet, and helmet allow the user to use it as a weapon and shield. The only way they can be harmed when this jutsu is in effect is if a powerful enough attack manages to shatter the armor. The main drawback of this jutsu is that it uses a massive amount of chakra and will melt once the user has reached their limit. If the user does not end the jutsu at their limit they will die.

(Note: Appearance of armor changes based on user for example, Soren's is mid-evil styled and Hyoga's has the appearance of a bird.)

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