Name: Ice Style: Hundred Thousand Snowflake Storm
Kanji: unknown
Romanji: Hyaku Chiyuki Arashi no Jutsu

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Ice Style: Thousand Snowflake Storm
Class: Offensive/Defensive/Support
Range: Long/Personal
Hand Seals: Unknown
Chakra Control: 12CC

The user whips up a more powerful and frostbitten version of Chiyuki Arashi no jutsu, increasing the size by 10 feet to 40 foot radius, and increasing the power of it. It's a visually impairing and harsh jutsu, designed to be used only by experts in the arts of the Ice Style. (20CP to start it, 10CP to keep it on)

Known Users:
Reiko Ichiyama

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