Name: Ice Style: Solid Fog TechniqueEdit

Kanji: 氷遁・固体霧Edit

Romanji: Hyōton: Kotai no KiriEdit


Classification: NinjutsuEdit

Parent Rank: Ice ReleaseEdit

Class: Offensive Edit

Range: Mid Edit

Hand Seals: N/AEdit

CP CostEdit

Creation: 10Edit

Upkeep: N/AEdit


Ice Style: Solid Fog Technique was invented by Levi Yuki and can only be used by people who have the Yuki clan's kekkei genkai. It takes a chakra level and control of 6 to use the Solid Fog variant.

Solid FogEdit

For 10 CP the user can fire a fog from their mouth towards whatever they desire. This fog looks and acts just like a normal fog, though there is one difference. Once fired the user can freeze the moisture in the cloud to make it a solid. It moves and looks like a cloud, but it would hit something as a big solid mass.

Frozen CloudEdit

This jutsu actually can be used in two forms. The user can blow a regular fog for 10 CP and can then freeze the fog, covering everything in it with a thick coat of ice for another 10 CP.

Known Users:Edit

Levi Yuki

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