Ice Style: Winter Demon was created by Levi Yuki. It is a combination of both Ice and Water style.

The JutsuEdit

The user of this jutsu gets their body covered in a thick coat of water. This water seems to move as the users body moves. The water begins to take form around the user. It gives water claws and a tail made of water. (This moves in the same way that the one tailed kyuubi cloak did around its user.) This water gives no real extra defense or attack power, though it can use the tail as a whip like attack. The water armor slightly boosts his speed and agility. (+3 to the speed stat)

A special ability in of the water armor is that the user can freeze it. Whatever freezes seems to get the same texture as crocodile scales. Like this the user can gain very hard ice gauntlets or even gain a full body ice armor. The hardness of the armor can resist most attacks and its hardness aids in attack, however the ice armor is heavy and slows down the user.

Cost: To activate the Winter demon jutsu there first needs to be suffecient water around. Second it costs 10 CP to activate it and 5 CP per turn to maintain it. Having part of the armor be frozen (Arms, tail, etc.) costs another 5 CP a turn (For a total of 10 CP a turn). Having the full armor be frozen costs another 10 CP (For a total of 15 CP a turn).

Requirements: The user must be proficient at both Ice and Water style, since it is a combination. The user must also have a Chakra Control of at least 13.

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