Icicle fall

Shiruno Yuki using Ice Sign: Icicle Fall

Name: Icicle FallEdit

Kanji: 氷遁: アイシクルフォール
Romanji: Hyōton: Aishikuru Fuōru

Chakra Type: IceEdit

Chakra Control: 4Edit

Chakra Level: 8Edit


An offensive jutsu that allows the user to hurl a veritable danmaku of ice in all directions. While not requiring much finesse it does require rather large reserves of chakra, with more chakra being put in directly influencing the density of the bullet pattern.

The most common version creates icicles in the air that fall to the ground while flinging particles of ice out from the users body. The air around the user is chilled by the jutsu but not to any damaging effect.

It should be noted that if it is raining then this jutsu is much easier to cast since the user can simply freeze the water in the atmosphere rather than having to create ice from scratch using their chakra.

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