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It is fairly well known that the Crimson Lotus uses informants stationed outside the city to gather information about the happenings of the world. Some information pointed that strange things had been happening in a village just to the south of the village. The ninja have decided to go investigate and see if they can locate and interrogate any informants that might be there.


This mission is in response to the recent destruction and take over of Konoha by the Sound and Crimson Lotus.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja arrive in the small town fairly quickly and are treated with a lot of suspicion because they are entering a half destroyed town after the Crimson Lotus has solidified its control over the area. Regardless of the suspicion the ninja begin to RP with civilians for quite some time. Raiklo strikes up a conversation with the ideal man, he is the Crimson Lotus informant. The man is pretending to be a civilian who is less than fond of ninja and he gets into a heated argument with Raiklo. Eventually the man implies he is the Crimson Lotus informant and the party attacks him. His substitution dissipates rather rapidly and the party is attacked by three Crimson Lotus agents (two thugs and the man who is an average/generic Chunin). After the party defeats the Crimson Lotus agents they take the lead iformant captive and question him. Unfortunately they kill him before he divulges any information of actual value.

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