Inquisition was a group made up of ninja from both Kumo and Ame who were dedicated to preserving the alliance between the two villages. Specifically, their goals were to address the threat that the Forgotten and the Oni posed to each village individually and the alliance as a whole. Though more generally they were also to combat new threats that might have arisen.

They set up their base mid-way between Kumo and Ame in a former outpost of Kumo during the 3rd Shinobi War. During it's time of operations, it was supported by both the Kouukage and the Fifth Raikage.

Following an attack on the base by a number of powerful mask wearing ninja, a large number of sensitive documents containing information about both Kumo and Ame were discovered to be missing. During this attack, Shinkiro and several ANBU were killed. Consequently, the base was closed and the group was disbanded.

Former Members

Leader: Shinkirō Gami
Second in Command: Zerai (Kumo-nin NPC)
Okami Uchiha
Kantaro Uzumaki
Kiyoshi Satou
Arya Munigora
Tiburan Momochi
Muko Shikashi
NPCs from Ame and Kumo
Nui Uchiha - Affiliate


Liberating Amegakure - The liberation of Amegakure, which made the group possible. </br>

Inquistion: Seizing The Fortress - Acquisition of their base, which required the clearing out of some others who had set up shop.

Inquisition Invasion - The base was attacked by Knowledge, Power, and Hate. Two squads of ANBU were killed, as was Shinkiro.

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