Insta-Freeze Beam

Shiruno Yuki using Ice Sign: Insta-Freeze Beam

Name: Insta-Freeze BeamEdit

Kanji: 氷遁:瞬間冷凍ビームEdit

Romanji: Hyōton: Shunkan reitō bīmuEdit


Classification: NinjutsuEdit

Chakra Type: IceEdit

Class: Offensive/SupportEdit

Range: LongEdit

Hand Seals: UnknownEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 6Edit

Chakra Level: 7Edit


An offensive and support jutsu that allows the user to project from their hand a torrent of swirling freezing cold air. It does require a rudimentary amount of chakra control as well as a decent amount of chakra reserve to be able to keep up a torrent for long enough to have any significant impact. It is usually fired as a straight 'beam' of air but it can be widened into a cone of cold at a vastly reduced range.

The size of the beam would depend on the skill and power of the user. A beginning Genin level user would be able to cast a beam as wide as her hand and project the beam for a good 100 meters or so. An advanced Jonin user would be able to create multi-faceted wide beams (such as pictured) and project them for a good kilometre

The effects of the beam are intense cold damage and a freezing effect. Most still natural water sources are frozen solid after a few moments exposure and most other liquid sources will become unbearably cold and start to freeze after a greater exposure depending on the liquid (sea water would, liquid ammonia would not).

Living things hit by the beam suffer mild direct damage in the form of frostbite, freezing burns and, depending on their resistance to ice nature chakra, may have their orifices frozen shut. They would also have their clothes and possessions damaged by freezing effects. Cloth would become brittle and liable to snap, glass might shatter due to rapid thermal contraction and anything metal would become painful to touch. The victim would be most likely slowed in their actions by having now restrictive clothing and numb extremities (such as fingers and toes) as well as potentially slipping on the icy surface they may or may not be standing on.

It should be noted that in cold climates this just is significantly easier to cast but in hot climates it requires much more chakra to compensate for the environmental background temperature.

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