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Get into the underground fighting ring so that Sasori's abilities can be tested.


Sasori has heard about an underground fighting ring and decided he wants to attend to gauge his abilities. The trouble though is going to be getting into there. It's located in the shady part of a seedy town in the southern part of the Land of Fire. He's enlisted help that will accompany him and help him gain entry to the fighting ring.

Mission RecapEdit

The three meet up at a traveler's stop a half hour north of the village. They talk and then head to the village. It's a pretty seedy and dirty place. They have a look around and in the search for information start asking random people. Eiji accosts some drunken fool puking in the gutter and gets a partial answer that is largely incomprehensible, so he stabs the fool. Sasori asked a one-eyed man and he was being shifty with them. When he grinned to reveal rotten teeth, Sasori plucked two teeth out of his mouth, prompting the pirate-y man to punch him. Eiji got pissed and attacked Sasori, severing the tendons of his legs and then poisoning him into unconsciousness.

The fight gathered a crowd and attention, prompting one man to invite them to his fight club for the evening. Eiji and Gaaran headed to the fight club where Eiji battled against a man. The fight made people a bit uneasy though, so after that round they were ushered off and to the doctor's house, though when they got there the doctor's wife informed him that their "friend" had just left. Rather than pursue, they went off to do other things, like find Yami and ride dragons.

Meanwhile, Sasori had been getting patched up by the doctor, who brought him home. When he woke up he found himself in a strange room. He entered a door and ended up in a kitchen where he met the "doctor's" wife. After talking to her briefly, he left and made his way out of town.

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