Name: Invasive Dust
Kanji: 侵襲的なダスト
Romanji: Shinshū-tekina dasuto

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Earth Release
Class: Offensive
Range: Long/Mid/Short
Hand Seals: N/a
Game Requirements
Chakra Control: 13
Chakra Level: 15

The user channels chakra into their feet and seperates some of the earth under them into dust, and a VERY hard to see cloud surrounds the user. The cloud stays around the user, but he is able to send the cloud further out. Once the cloud comes into contact with the opponent, it will enter the lungs of them as the opponent breaths. Once the cloud is in the lungs of the opponent, the user may activate the jutsu. All of the dust comes together to form into a quite large rock, to then tear the lungs to shreds. It cannot enter his own lungs by accident, but if it does, the dust will come back out.

[10 CP to make the dust, 20 CP to make the rock]

Known Users:
Nobu the Walking Bomb

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