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Naoku wishes to investigate the Jugo clan by exploring the Northern Outpost of Otogakure.

Mission RecapEdit

Naoku has sent out an all call for some help getting Jugo clan artifacts. Sessho and Kenji decide to join him, and the group begins walking towards the Northern Outpost in Otogakure. They reach the outpost and they see a large door and three windows high up. Kenji takes initiative and begins climbing up the side of the building and breaks in through the center window. Sessho follows after Kenji, and Naoku goes to knock on the door.

Naoku's door opens and he wanders inside, meanwhile Kenji and Sessho find themselves in a fight with two bandits. Naoku climbs a staircase and finds himself in front of another door. He jumps in and engages an opponent in combat. Kenji and Sessho put away their opponents with ease, Kenji unleashing an insanely bad pun. Naoku fairs well against a spearman. After he beats the spearman and Kenji and Sessho killed their men, Naoku begins torturing a man for information. [It was at this point, 1 hour in, when Kenji left and never reconnected.] Sesshou kills the spearman.

Naoku and Sesshou go and break into the library. They sneak attack and kill two guards, before more opponents come out and a brawl begins. Sesshou kills two more, Naoku kills two, and Sesshou kills the last two. In the end a large maniacal laugh is heard. A large man carrying the Book of the Jugo clan. Naoku and Sesshou fight and wind, and Naoku gets the book.

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