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Jeisen with his straw hat relaxing

Jeisen Uchiha
Personal Information
Username /u/Bit_of_a_Longshot
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 150lbs
Affiliation Uchiha
Clan Uchiha
Rank Kage level


8/15/14 39 feats bori v3.1 [shelved]

General Information

Jeisen is a known associate of Konoha. He is famous for not only his mastery over lightning style and his sharingan, but also his straw hat. He is the leader of Squad 14. After the death of the last elder of konoha, Jeisen was made Hokage

Appearance and Personality

Jeisen is a younger member of the Uchiha clan. He has the black hair, but dark green eyes when sharingan isn't being used. He is about 6'2", lean and muscular weighing about 150-160. He wears his headband on his left shoulder and is quick to joke about and grin, but will get serious when he needs to. He recently picked up the habit of wearing a straw hat and chewing on a piece of wheat, often lowering the hat to hide somepaart of his face.


Strength: 35 (33 to hit with sharingan)

Speed: 48 (51 to dodge with sharingan, 56 to dodge with Seers eyes)

Chakra Levels: 20

Chakra Control: 27

Endurance: 19
Banked: 0

Rank Upgrades

Genin 1: Sharingan
Genin 2: Chakra Nature: Lightning
Chunin: Sealing specialist
Jonin: Mangekyo Sharingan (Secret technique)
S-Rank: Kenjutsu Specalist
Kage Rank: Space time Ninjutsu


Feats earned so far: 39
Banked feats: 0

  1. Sharingan
    1. Sharingan: Attack prediction - Improves ability to evade/counter attacks and jutsu. Adds an artificial +2 to strength and +2 speed, affecting ability to land a hit or dodge an attack (5/round)
    2. Sharingan Copy Ninja- Allows combatant jutsu to be copied and utilized during a single battle. All jutsu acquired in this manner are "forgotten" at the conclusion of a battle. (10)
  2. ​Mangekyou Sharingan
    1. Mangekyou Sharingan: Amaterasu - Inextinguishable black flames that can consume everything. Can be dodged when the attack is used from a distance (greater distance = greater likelihood of doge), but within close range (~6 feet) it is extremely difficult to dodge. Flames burn slowly, so items/clothing that have been hit could be removed. 40 CP attack (Secret technique if you haven't seen it you don't know it!)
    2. Mangekyou Sharingan: Kamui - The user can phase themself out of plane and back, or send an attack into another dimension. The success of this technique depends on the user's ability to dodge versus the opponent's chance to hit (strength or CC based). The technique lasts for a single round. [40 CP] (Secret technique)
    3. Mangekyo Sharingan: Seers Eyes - Jeisen has developed his eyes to completely boost his reaction time. His eyes take in every small detail across the battle, from every person with a weapon and how they used it, the trajectory of projectiles, hand signs being formed and the ninjutsu combination it means, to the muscles twitches that tell Jeisen which way a person is going to move. (20 cp per turn, 8 to reaction, however Jeisen cannot move any faster then normal, secret technique if you haven't seen it you don't know it)
    4. Kamui- Specialized Warping - User can warp part of his body for 20 CP. No more than 1/4 of the body can be warped at a time. The success of this technique depends on the user's ability to dodge versus the opponent's chance to hit (strength or CC based). Only the specified body part can be warped; the rest of the body is vulnerable to being struck by an incoming attack. The technique lasts for 1 round. The user can also teleport their entire self to another location on the battlefield for 40 CP, but cannot use the technique to escape battle. (Secret technique)
    5. Kamui- Offensive warping The user can warp his own attacks for 20 CP to any location on the battlefield. This includes physical attacks such as reaching through a portal or throwing things into a portal, or jutsu sent through a portal. The success of this technique depends on the user's ability to hit versus the opponent's ability to dodge. (Secret technique)
    6. Amaterasu- Cloak of Flames The user manipulates amaratsu with such control that they coat their entire body in a cloak of black flames. It burns so hot it burns the very mositure out of the air. However, it is not as strong as raw amaratsu due to that fact the user has to shape it. (20 cp to activate /10 maintain) if overcharged, the cloak becomes a tornado of flames around the user and burns with the full power of amaratsu (4o cp activate/ 20 maintain). Basic cloak can be given to others, overcharged cannot. Only one cloak active at a time. User can also put out amaratsu by will. Must use preexisting amaratsu to create cloak (Secret technique)
  3. Lightning Release
    1. Chidori-Jeisen forms lightning around his hand and charges forward. When he strikes, the lightning helps to pierce and multiply the damage (20 CP)
    2. Birds of prey- a basic ninjutsu attack in which the user releases a flurry of birds made out of lightning that release a semi blinding light upon impact as well as lightning damage. (10 cp)
    3. Running Wolves- Jeisen puts both hands on the ground, sending out a wave of lightning that forms into 2-3 lightning wolves that race after the enemy. They explode on contact with their target, causing lightning damage. (20 CP).
    4. Great Thunder Dragon- a extremely powerful lightning jutsu. Jeisen creates a dragon head around his body which then lashes out as an arc of lightning incredibly fast to the opponent. It pierces them then unleashes a massive electrical explosion from inside where it penetrated. (40 cp)
    5. Lightning Clone- Jeisen makes a lightning clone, splinting up his chakra evenly between him and the clones.  When the clone is destroyed, it discharges lightning into what destroyed it. If destroyed or released willingly, it gives Jeisen knowledge. (50 CP minimum. amount = cc/10)
      • Double Flying Swallow: Hunters Reign- 'Jeisen and the clone perform this move together. They both have flying swallow and their sharingan active. At the same time they both launch into the body flicker move, 3 moves each. (20 for the body flicker, 10 for the flying swallow, 5 sharingan. 35total) (Not an extra feat, a culmination of feats used at once.)
    6. Kirin - The user can force lightning to come together in the sky, creating storm clouds. From this they then call forth a devastating lighting blast shaped like a dragon. It reaches the ground at incredible speeds and packs enough punch to obliterate a small mountain. If storm clouds are already formed, cost goes down from 40 cp to 20. Storm clouds can be formed if enough fire has been used. (40 cp)
  1. ​Sealing Specialist
    1. Yin Seal - Level 3 Jeisen has a small diamond seal on his wrist that he keeps hidden under bandages. (100 cp restored when released.)
    2. Modified Chakra Chains: A modified version of the normal chakra chains, designed for tearing rather than binding. After activating the jutsu, a seal on the user's chest sends out 8 chains covered in barbed metal wire are sent to attack a target, while at level 2 can now hold a flying swallow charge (seprate cost). These chains use Jeisen's strength and meele abilities to hit. (20 cp activation, 10 cp/round)[level 2]
    3. Kami bakudan shīru o shōkan- A unique paper bomb created by the user. When used, it explodes then seal activates and summons three more paper bombs that explode then each summon three more which explode, for a total of 13 paper bombs that explode. The paper bombs can be control in that they can spread out over a wide area or a condensed explosion around a target. 40 to activate, user carries one and must write another if more are wished to be used.
    4. eight trig-rams seal- the user places their hand upon the opponent and creates a enormously powerful seal designed to trap away large quantities of chakra. (Seals 1.5 x chakra put in, follows noraml supercharge rules)
    5. Lighting Seal - A unique seal belonging to Jeisen. It creates a massive explosion of lightning chakra, jarring whoever is cuaght in it. One unique part of this ability is that jeisen is capable of leaving this seal with both his hands and feet. (5 to place, 40 activate)
      1. Final flash - Multiple lighting seals going off at once forming a gigantic lightning blast. The more seals placed the bigger the explosion.
  1. ​Kenjutsu Specalist 
    1. Horo-sha-  The wandering blades. A pair of legendary twin black swords that Jeisen stumbled upon during his break for the ninja world. [The swords can shear through almost anything: Swords, Armors, stone, etc. Anything that is not a legendary item itself can fall prey to the blades, even barriers up to 20 CP can be destroyed. The swords will passively cut through mundane items and barriers up to 10 CP, If the user invests 10 CP into the blades they can slice through 20 CP barriers.]
      1. Torappu - Trap. The hidden ability within the blades to "trap" the chakra of other through a mere cut. The wielder of the blade can channel their own Chakra into the blade to unleash it's ravenous hunger allowing it to feast on a victim if struck. [the blade drains 10 CP from victims who are stuck. The user can channel a minimum of 40 CP into the blade (following supercharge mechanics), if so the sword devours 1.5 times the amount of CP invested +10 from the victim. If the weilder misses the attack his/her chakra is simply eaten by the sword never to be seen again.]
    2. Dance of the New Moon – The user vanishes from sight for a brief moment by bending the light around them turning them invisible for a very short time and charges at the intended target striking them causing the user to yet again become visible after the strike. Due to the user turning invisible, it is extremely hard to dodge the incoming strike. Jeisen's unique twist to the move it to attack from different directions then expected (20cp) (This is a visual effecting Ninjutsu and those who can see chakra can still see the user of this jutsu)
    3. Lightning Strike - a Technique very similar to that of the body flicker, though highly modified by Jeisen. The user uses the momentum and power of a body flicker to strike the opponent. It requires no hand signs to perform though any jutsu's combined with it do. (10 cp) (str + cp = damage)
  1. Space-Time Maniupulation
    1. Hiraishin' - Similar to Kamui in that the success of the technique depends on the user's ability to dodge versus the opponent's chance to hit

(strength or CC based). Though instead of disappearing and rewarping in they teleport to one of their seals. It costs 40 CP to teleport using this, and cannot be used to leave a combat situation. Placing a seal costs 5 Cp, or the user can have preplaced seals but it must be noted on the page where the seal is. The initial jutsu comes with one seal slot.

      1. In a Flash - a combination move of Jeisen, unique to him. After throwing four kunai with one marked to different targets, Jeisen jumps to the marked kunai and strikes. He then proceeds to use his extreme body flicker jutsu to 'jump' to the other kunai and strike with them. [60 cp. a combo move not an additional feat]
    1. Flying Thunder God Seal the user now has an additional two seal slots. All three seal slots are on specially marked kunai.
    2. Spacial distortion the user bends space around his melee attacks. This cause the opponents to miss judge where his attacks will land by a wide margin. (+8 to hit, 20 cp per round)
    3. Universal distortion the user bends both space and time to an alarming degree around themselves. They bend space so their movements are faster and slow down time so they can react even quicker. There is no outward sign this is being used. (40 cp per turn, +12 full speed)
  1. Stats
    1. ​Stats x 6
  2. ​Others:
    1. Flying swallow- Jeisen focuses chakra into his blade, like asuma. it extrnds the range of thr blades, greatly increases their cutting power, adds the paralizing effects of lightening and makes the blades movements hard to see through. (10 to activate, 5 to maintain)
    2. Extreme Body flicker- Jeisen uses the body flicker tecnique to get in close with an opponent. He launchs three seprate attacks from three seprate positions. (20 CP)
    3. Silent Killing- Years spent in the konoha ANBU corps has given Jeisen lengthy training in silent killing. He has perfected the art of killing quietly and killing quickly.


  • Sheol is a shadowy humanoid figure that takes on the appearance of its master. it doesn't much care for talking, and only answers in simple replies. Unlike most pets it is rarely ever out, as it can only spend so much time in the material world. When summoned the users shadow springs forth to life, becoming his ally. Sheol can only be out for two rounds per mission/fight, but has the users physical stats(Str, Spd, End)-5. It knows no jutsu but works as a capable double for those two rounds.


  • (4) Explosive tag ( 1 tag - 20 cp)
  • (2) Flash bomb
  • (3) set of Kunais
  • (6) Military Ration pills (2)
  • (4) Medium Armor 
  • O-yori armor- Raid reward
  • Demonic demon cards- Ower always loses
  • (0) Med kit
  • (0) Perk a cola-Jugnot- gives jeisen increased damage resistancr and endurance for the mission 


  • Ryo earned: 245500
  • Ryo left: 113500
  • 80k used to change feats + ru


Amaya- a old friend who Jeisen cares do like a sister. They have been through more missions then Jeisen can count.

Celeste- Jeisen's girlfriend, though she just recently came back from parts unknown.

Clais- A good friend of Jeisen, one of his oldest. They came together in the same generation and have grown up together from genin to their current titles.

Ichirou Hiraku- A memeber of squad 14 and one of Jeisen's earliest apprentices.

Kantaro- a friend of Jeisen, though they aren't the closest. They however, work very well in combat together

Kenji ichiymaru- A younger ninja Jeisen has a interest in. He thinks there is great potential for greatness

Kenji Hitake- a acquaintance

Kurai Uchiha- a student of Jeisen. He is very similar to how Jeisen started off and Jeisen looks forward to see him grow.

Malkeru Uchiha- Jeisen's best friend and one of his closest family members. Malkeru is a good balance to Jeisen, being blunt and callous enough to cut straight to the point in tough situations

Nui Uchiha- Te leader of the uchihas and a family memeber of Jeisen. She has know him since he was a genin

Nobu- a friend and powerful ally of Jeisen. Though nobu is wary of Jeisen, they have been through enough missions to trust each other

Okami Uchiha- another family memeber of Jeisen. While they respect each ither, they aren't that close, their paths almost never crossing

Ryuu Uzumaki- another memeber of squad 14. Jeisen thinks ryuu is a capable ninja with great potential if he didn't charge was first into situations

Ryo Hyuga- a good friend of Jeisen and one of his most trusted join squad leaders that konoha has

Sankuro- Jeisen's first best friend and one of the people he tries th most. Him and Jeisen took their chuunin exams together

Strider- the final memeber of Squad 14 and one of Jeisen's brightest stars. Jeisen thinks that strider will be a powerhouse of a ninja when he is older

Shinji Uchiha- a family memet and good friend of Jeisen. Jeisen trusts shinji to be himself, a pryomanic

Completed Missions

Quest points

  • Total: 288
  • Banked: 0
  • Reset Day: Tuesday

S-Rank: 10

A-Rank: 6

B-Rank: 14

C-Rank: 8

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 1

Other: 21

Missons (1 qp) (1 qp) (4 qp) (1 qp) (1 qp) (4 qp)

eclipses birthday party (1 qp) (1 qp)

the moderators (3 qp)

the walking worm (4 qp)

Are you ready? (1 qp)

Traveling again (1 qp) (1 qp)

more slashing (1 qp)

at a rave (1 qp) (4 qp)! (3 qp) (3 qp) (1 qp) (1 qp) (1qp) (1 qp) (3 qp) (1 qp) (4 qp) (4 qp 7/3/13)

(  (qp 3 7/3/13) (1 qp 7/3/13) (3 qp, 7/5/13) (1 qp 7/8/13) (1 qp 7 11/13)

http://the-naruto-world.wikia.crom/wiki/ZOMBIES! (4 qp, 7/11/13) (1 qp 7/13/13) (2 qp 7/13/13) (3 qp 7/14/13) (1 qp 7/15/13) (1 qp 7/18/13) (7/17/13 1 qp)! (4 qp 7/18/13),_Guardian_of_the_Portal (4 qp 7/20/13) (1 qp 7/21/13) (2 qp 7/22/13) (3 qp 7/24/13) (4 qp 7/25/13) (1 qp 7/25/13) (rank up 3 qp 7/26/13) (1 qp 7/26/13) ( 1 qp 7/30/13) (3 qp 7/30/13) (1 qp 8/4/13) (1 qp 8/3/13)'s_pit (4 qp 8/5/13) (2 qp 8/5/13) (1 qp 8/6/14) (1 qp 8/6/13) (1 qp 8/7/13) (3 qp 8/8/14) (1 qp 8/9/13) (1 qp 8/10/13) (2 qp 8/11/13) (1 qp 8/11/13 (1 qp 8/11/13) (4 qp 8/13/13) (1 qp 8/13/13) (1 qp 8/14/13) (4 qp 8/14/13) (1 qp 8/16/13) (1 qp 8/17/13) (4 qp 8/21/13) (3 qp 8/22/13) 1 qp 8/22/13) (1 qp 8/23/13) ( 1 qp 8/24/13) (3 qp 8/23/13) (1 qp 8/28/13) (1 qp 8/29/13) (4 qp 8/30/13) (4 qp 8/30/13) (2 qp 9/1/13) (4 qp 9/4/13) (3 qp 9/5/13 S rank up) (1 qp 9/5/13) (2 qp 9/6/13) (2 qp 9/6/13),_MAKE_IT_DOUBLE (3 qp 9/10/13) (3 qp 9/10/13) (1 qp 9/10/13) (3 qp 9/10/13) qp 9/10/13) (1 qp 9/17/13) (1 qp 9/18/13) ( 2 qp 9/18/13) (1 qp 9/19/13) (1 qp 9/20/13)! (4 qp 9/21/13) (4 qp, 9/24/13) (1 qp 9/25/13),_Jeisen%27s_final_Kage_mission (4 qp, 9/25/13) (3 qp 9/28/13) (4 qp, 10/2/13)! (4 qp 10/3/12) (4 qp 1 qp 10/4/13) (1 qp10/9/13) (4 qp 10/9/13) 1 qp (10/10/13) (3 qp 10/11/13) (1 qp 10/11/13) (1 qp 10:12/13) (1 qp 10/14/13) (1 qp 10/16/13) (10/19/13 3 qp) (10/20/13 4 qp) (10/20-21/13 2 qp) (2 qp 10/21/13) (4 qp 10:23/13) ( 4 qp 10/25/13) (4 qp 10/28/13) (2 qp 11/1/13) (3 qp 11/3/13) (4 qp 11/1/13) (3 qp 11/4/13) (4 qp 11/9/13) (5 qp 11/17/13)! (3 qp 1/25/14)  4 qp, 8/5/14) (4 qp 8/7/14) ( 3 qp 8/9/14) (1 qp 8/11/14)

Overseer Missions (9/7/13) (2 qp, 9/19/13)

History and Story

Jeisen grew up in a relativly care free life, traveling a lot through out the realm. He acted as a scout when he traveled as a child, learning to pick up signs of traps early and accuratly.

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