This special elemental manipulation is a stronger form of the Crystal Release, and relies on the user's crystalization of surrounding elements, or their own chakra in and around their body. The Crystals formed are incredibly hard, but can be broken with enough force against them. they are resistant to lighting and fire. It can be used to crystalize certain elements, such as earth, water and wood. However, physical attacks from these can break the crystals with enough power behind it. Fire cannot damage it much unless it is very hot, and lightning needs to be a more physical attack, as it does not conduct electricity. The crystals can be any color the user desires, but they are usually influenced by the chakra the user posesses. Similarly to the Crystal Release, a user of the Jewel Release can crystallize even moisture out of the atmosphere to produce weapons, making the user's arsenal potentially limitless. In addition, because of the nature of the crystal lattice of the structures produced by the Jewel Release, they are extremely difficult to shatter, much more so than the Crystal Release. However, pure chakra cannot be crystalized. 

Note: RU has been unused for a while and may contain outdated mechanics. Please check with the ephors if you have any questions.


Note: All jutsu listed were taken from existing characters' pages, and they do not contain all of the feats you can take under Jewel (Quartz) Release. Feel free to add more if you create them or in the occasion you take them from the Naruto canon but they aren't listed here!
Note 2 Note Harder: Supercharge costs are not added since they depend on a character's CC, but upkeep costs are, after the description of each feat.
Note 3 Note Harderer: Notes about special cases or factors, if not in the feat's description, will. Always. Be. After. The. Description.

Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Jewel Release: Glistening Lance - The user warps their chakra into a long, thing crystal lance attached at the palm of their hand. It extends rapidly, and is meant to impale the target. (10 CP) 

Jewel Release: Quartz Encasement - The user cloaks themselves in a layer of very hard gemstone, which provides +3 to both strength and endurance. They appear to have a sheen fo glistening ice covering them. (10 cp per turn)


Infinity hammer

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Jewel Release: Crimson Rain - The user crystalizes moisture in the air above the opponent into six, long, 3-dimensional diamonds. The user clenches their outstretched hand, and the spikes rush downwards, impaling the opponent with the spikes if it lands. The rain can also be directed forward, formed in front of the user and made to fly forwards. (20 CP)

Jewel Release: Infinity Hammer - The user hardens their skin on one arm using the crystals, and a buildup occurs around their hand, creating a slightly larger fist. This adds a temporary +3 to strength. They then quickly move above the target using a body flicker and then smash down using this 'hammer', which combines speed and power to make a powerful strike. The user can also use this as a regular punch augmentation. (20 CP) 

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

Jewel Release: Infinity Breaker - The user creates a giant, spiky fist around their hand, extending several shards up the arm to the shoulder as well. The final step is a long rod that psuhes into the ground from the back of the arm, and launches the user forward upon activation. They temporarily gain +6 speed for this attack due to this, and charge at the opponent, slamming the fist into them for an absouletly devastating impact. the giant fist detaches from the user's hand, turning into a cluster of crystal spikes after impact, impaling the oppoent. (40 CP) 

Jewel Release: Reign of the Crystalline Queen - A special ability whereby the user crystallizes the water inside a part of the opponent's body. However, this move requires physical contact to use, and then it can only affect the part being touched, unless more chakra is applied. Once an opponent's body part has been crystalized, it cannot be broken, but is unable to be used. The more chakra used, the bigger the area crystalized (10cp/20cp/40cp depending on input)

Known UsersEdit

Amaya Hozuki

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