Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Check out the reported disturbances in the desert


Orr Kantaro and Shinji set out to see what is happening in the desert dissapearances.

Mission RecapEdit

When Kantaro, Shinji, and Orr are personally requested by the kazekage for a mission, they gear up and meet at the front gates of Suna. Ready to head off, they set out to the north in the desert, and have a nice time talking along with way. When they reach the base where they believe the enemies are located. When they get in, it's just a toilet. Then it floods the room, and they escape through a door in the room.

Upon getting through, they get trapped in a small room. and then they hear it: "I want to play a game." The voice explains that they kill to easily, that they must repent. Their challenge: To get out, while being blocked by 25 men. If they kill any of them, one of the shinobi themselves will die. 

They slip through the challenge, but barely. They are able to bind, stun, and knock out many, and brisk one off as close to dead. They head to the door, and think the challenge is over, but then one of them dies. Right before they can leave, Orr is fatally wounded, and they only get back to the Suna hopital just in time for Orr to make it out alive. After they know he will be okay, Kantaro and Shinji go home.

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