Kage Hyuga
Lei profile
Personal Information
Username /u/epsilon523
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 190 lbs
Affiliation unknown
Clan Hyuga
Rank Genin


9/5/13 3 feats bori v2.3

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kage is a strange idividual. Constantly he is haunted by his past and plunges deep into the depths of his vices in order to forget. Though he is tormented he has a mild attitude towards most things.

Kage stands at 6' 4". He has long dark blue hair and pale blue eyes. His skin is tanned from constantly traveling and living in the streets. His clothes are tattered and worn. The only upkept thing on him his ouch he keeps on his belt.

Lei Hyuga



Strength: 5
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 5
Chakra Levels: 6
Chakra Control: 10
Endurance: 6
Banked: 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Drunken Style
Genin 2: Byakugan
Chunin: N/A
Jonin: N/A
S-Rank: N/A
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 4
Banked feats: 0

  1. Chakra Vision - Allows user to see chakra and chakra points.(5 CP per Round)
  2. Gentle Fist - Allows use of hyuga style taijutsu to disrupt chakra passways (5 CP per Use)
  3. Drunken Fist - Induces a drunken state that boosts speed by +3 and strength by +3. (10 CP per Round)
  4. Drunken Stance (God Li - Strong Leg) - A drunken stance that increases speed by +3 (5 CP per Round)


  • (3) Gourd
  • (1) Alcohol Summoning Scroll


  • Ryo earned: 3500
  • Ryo left: 3500

Completed MissionsEdit

Quest points

  • Total: 10
  • Banked: 0
  • Reset Day: -Friday
  • Earned this Week: 10/12

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 1


C-Rank: 0

D-Rank: 5


Raids: 0

Other: 1


History and StoryEdit

Kage was born to Hiruna Hyuga and Jinsei Senju. His mother Hiruna was rounin Hyuga. She left her clan when she fell in love with Jinsei and for the majority of her life she always feared her clan hunting her down and killing her and Jinsei. So to prepare Kage for the possible threat of her old clan she trained him in the ways of the hyuga. 

Kage learned how their powers worked and deciphered ways to defeat them. He evnetually mastered the ways of the Byakugan and the gentle fist. Once he finished his training Kage continued to grow on his own. He practiced gentle fist everday trying to find a way to change it to destroy the clan that hunted his mother and father.

The years went by and Kage began to wonder if the Hyuga would ever come. He soon began to let his hate fade and focused on living life. The thoughts of revenge slowly faded to nothing as he grew up. His parents always tried their best to make him happy and give him a normal life. In time they joined a small village and began to blend in among the other villagers. Everything was perfect until one fateful day.

Kage had awoke to the sounds of pain and aguish. He rushed to his parents room. When he arrived he saw a black cloaked man holding his mother up by the hair with his hand around her neck. Kage went to attack but other emerged from the shadows. He tried with all his might but her fell to his knees before them, defeated.

The men forced Kage to watch as the man ripped his mother throat open with his bare hands. Kage cried as he watched his mother blood spill onto the floor before him. 

As Kage cried out for his mother as the man revelaed himself to Kage. Kage looked into the mans eyes. The man stared back at him with his Byakugan as he laughed at Kages pain and had his men beat Kage to near death. When they were finished the man left Kage wto die there on the floor.

Kage was lucky enough to be discovered by a passing by bum. He had seen the men fleeing and went into Kages home. When the man found him he took Kage to his home.

The man managaed to nurse Kage to health. When Kage came to he was furious. He went to leave but the man convinced him he was not ready. Kage objected but the man easily subdued Kage.

The man was unlike anything he had seen. He was a drunken bum but the way he moved was far beyond anything he had seen. Kage begged the man to teach him his ways. The drunken old bum agreed to teach him with only one condition. Kage had to promise to never use the style for revenge. He had to use it to protect those who could not protect themselves. Kage eagerly agreed and began to train.

For years he trained with the old bum until he mastered the ways of the drunken fist. No one knows what happened to Kage after these events but some believe the same fate that befell his parents befell his master. These days Kage walks alone and moves from place to place. He is a constant slave to his vices and has till this day upheld his master's word.

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