Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit

Goal: Edit

Become Chunins!


The three strangers wake up in a small room, what awaits them isnt to clear

Mission RecapEdit

Tibs, Hayate and Shinkiro all woke up in a dark forest, and had to answer a omnipresent voice's 7 riddles in a limited amount of time. They failed one and had to fight clones of themselves in which they were successful. Another was failed and pain daunted on them. After completing the riddles they were transported to a white room. They voice told them to be careful of where they stepped so they remained still for sometime. After time they decided to just start walking and they fell into a dark room. There was a single hallway and they went down it for what couldve been hours or even days. Hayate got seperated from them when the other two took a break and then decided to walk back. From there they entered a grand throne room in no time, and a satyr-like creature sat in the throne. Hayate was pulled back through a mystical force and slammed into one of the others. from there the satyr Kan told them to fight eachother, which they did and he played music while doing so. After injuring eachother he laughed at them for being such good entertainment, and making the killing of them that much easier. They fought him and barely defeated him, escaping his realm and being rewarded by the real Kan for being such wonderful entertainment 

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