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Hate and Kazuki meet eachother and decide to have a friendly sparring match.

Mission RecapEdit

Kazuki is in the Kumo training grounds as Hate comes along. After introducing himself the two decide to have a spar together. Kazuki charges at Hate slashing his sword. Hate easily dodges these and body flickers behind Kazuki tapping him on the shoulder. Kazuki preforms a low sweep, but Hate jumps backwards in time and dodges as he grabs another kunai and gets in a defensive stance. Kazuki stabs his sword into the ground and sends lightning through the ground towards Hate, but Hate jumps up and dodges it.

Hate then throws two kunai at Kazuki. The second one having a lightning tag on it. Kazuki deflects them both with his sword, but gets hit by the explosion from the lightning tag. Ruining his clothes and leaving burns over unclothed areas.

Kazuki charges at Hate slashing his sword around. Hate attempts to body flicker away avoiding the slash, but still gets hit slightly before flickering away. Hate ends up behind Kazuki end attempts to attack Kazuki with two kunai, but Kazuki deflects them both with his sword.

Kazuki charges a lightning blade and slashes for Hate. Hate drops a smoke bomb and attempts to block the attack, but the lightning blade cuts straight through the kunai and while Hate jumps bakc it leaves a big cut along his chest with a paralyzing effect.

Suddenly Kazuki hears something in the smoke. After he hears it he is hit by a powerfull explosion hitting him backwards into a nearby tree with great force. Kazuki's bones almost break. As Kazuki looks up at the dissipated smoke cloud he can see the earth is broken up around where the explosion was. Rocks, pebbles and dust are everywhere, but Hate is nowhere to be seen.

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