Mission DetailsEdit

  • Date: 3/9/2014
  • Submitted by: Hiwa
  • Rank: S-rank
  • Overseer: Hiwa
  • QP Reward: 3
  • Ryo Reward: 1500

Ninja TeamEdit

  • Mrokeii (S-rank up & two thunder god tags)
  • Zumoni

Mission ProfileEdit


beat kid falsh


the two face a kid in a race to a thunder god tag

Mission RecapEdit

the group races kid flash through the city to the tallest building. he is caught by zumoni and put into an anbu seal. mrokeii then takes the kunai and tag he has. he then reavelas he could have won the race anytime but wheres the fun in that. he then offers to give mrokeii two thunder god tags and teach him. mrokeii accepts

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