Clan Leader Roku Kigen (NPC)
Member Limit 10
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Kigen are a long old clan in the ninja world, haphazard in nature, having no real identifying markers or features that would make any of them look related. In the past, the clan itself behaved as though it were made up of many different villages. Kigen could and still can be found randomly throughout the ninja world. However, recently the Kigen have all been culled under one leader, and one final location. Some Kigen are unaware of this, having been separated, but the majority are under this new leader, whose name is was recently discovered as "Roku Kigen." All that has been discovered is that he has the Rinnegan, and he is a powerful, evil human being. His goals are unclear, but wherever he goes, destruction and death is left in his wake. Any kigen member who does not follow him is sure to be imprisoned, captured, or executed. 

It's no wonder why many Kigens try to spread out and detatch themselves from the main clan. But who know... maybe this leadership may be eventually resolved?

Clan AbilitiesEdit

The Kigen's ability is sporadic in nature. Kigen can be born with any Kekkei Genkai ever imagined. However, this does not make all of them the same. The clan's ability to use other Kekkei Genkai is randomized. New things, never before seen to the ninja world, show up within the clan as well as ones already in existance. No one Kigen is exactly like the last and this divide has caused much feuding within the clan. 

For player characters, there are currently 4 active players, leaving 6 empty slots.

Information for New MembersEdit

To join the Kigen clan, contact Kai Kigen or Asumizu Kigen  for information and application.

Current MembersEdit

Asumizu Kigen
Kai Kigen
Kai Kliff

Inactive MembersEdit

Argo Kigen

Ji Kigen

Kinzo Kigen

Lee Kigen

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