寄壊蟲; English "Parasitic Insects"; Literally meaning "Parasitic Destruction Insects") are a species of small, beetle-like insects that are bred and utilized exclusively by the Aburame Clan, forming the basis for all of their unique technique. The beetles have wings.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Female Kikaichu Scent - When a female Kikaichu is planted on a target or a certain place other kikaichu can sense the female kikaichu scent. The host can smells this scent as well. 

Basic (10 CP) JutsuEdit

Chakra Consumption - The users bugs gain the ability to eat chakra, this is equal to 1.5x the CP put into the eating and should be configured as a feat with a base cost of 10, 20, or 40 CP. [Chakra Draining feats are limited to Chunin and above]

Bug Clone - like shadow clone jutsu, but made from bugs, these bugs can be manipulated if the clone is destroyed. Follows normal Clone rules, Clone mechanics can be found here

Intermediate (20 CP) JutsuEdit

Beetle of Consumption - The user punches the opponent, a special super small kikaichu enters the opponents body and begins feasting on the opponents chakra [Consumes 1.5x CP input]

Carpe de Noctem - The user blocks the sky with beetles, causing it to get very dark, the user causes the bugs to rain from the sky and land on the opponent. This is an AOE jutsu intended to land kikaichu on the opponent.

Shattering Invasion - The user points at an opponent, a beetle bred for speed is launched from their finger, this beetle is very small and very fast, when it collides with the opponent it quickly enters their body and feasts on chakra. [Consumes 30cp] [Restricted for chunin and up]

Taxing (40 CP) JutsuEdit

Rushing Beetles - The user sends around 10 beetles out from their body, the user then gives the beetles a massive amount of chakra, causing them to grow to gigantic sizes. The bugs rush at the opponent and attack the opponent.

Drilling Beetles - These beetles are designed to be able to enter the ground, and attack the unwary opponent from underneath them, these beetles are very small.

Camo Beetles - Beetles designed to be able to blend in with surroundings like chameleons are released and used in combat.

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