The Kirigaya clan is one that had been hidden for many years, their Kekkai Genkai was very valuble to those who saught long healthy lives. The Kirigaya had been supposedly killed off, but many step forward claiming their lineage.

Clan DetailsEdit

The Kirigaya clan was known for their affinity with healing techniques, and angelic appearance. All Kirigaya clan members have White or Light Blonde hair, the former meaning of royal blood.

While most healing jutsu consist of a green glow, Kirigaya healing jutsu have a white glow, and use little chakra in comparison, these techniques can also be used and modified to affect the aging process, heal fatal wounds, and more, making the skill very valuable.

Clan Skills and TalentsEdit

Members of the Kirigaya clan have access to the Light Style, techniques within this category can be defensive or offensive, notable techniques are:

Healing of the Pure: White light is emanated from the palms, and is used to heal wounds.

Falling Star: A beam of light is fired into the sky, moments later, a flash occurs, and beams of light begin to fall from the sky, causing immense damage.

Ray:Ribbons of light are fired from the users palm, they track the enemy.

Protective Aura: A shining dome sphere(in the air, dome on ground) surrounds the user, this ability will keep them suspended in mid-air, it will protect against mid level abiliteis, and greatly reduce the damge of strong ones, basic taijutsu skills do not affect the dome, and will do no damage.

Beam Carnival:A circle is created in front of the user, and spears of light are fired from the outer edge, the inner piece has complex lines.

Shining Shuriken: Several discs of light are hurled toward the targret at high speeds, they can be manipulated to turn, stop, reverse etc. Advanced users can increase and decrease the size of these discs.

Known Member(s)Edit

(Kirigaya of the Crows)[1]

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