Kiyoshi Satou
Chuunin Kai
Personal Information
Username /u/viggerous
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 165 lbs
Affiliation Kumogakure
Clan N/A
Rank Chuunin


6/15/17 16 feats (1 banked) bori v3.6

Kiyoshi SatouEdit

Kiyoshi Satou is a cloud nin born and raised, he has great pride and admiration for his village and fellow ninja. As a Genin he was gifted in the use of genjustu and constructing traps, trying to combine and create a battlefield efficent style for combat. Now a Chuunin he has become a great assest of the Cloud Village, he is the host for the Seishin Hosuto: Fukurou, the Celestial Owl. As he has progressed as a Chuunin, Kiyoshi invest his training in improving his intellect and his combat abilities utilising his battalion orientated genjutsu.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"Everything I do is in order to protect the village"Edit

- Kiyoshi's Ninja Way


Kiyoshi abandoned his hooded attire upon earning his promotion, to Chuunin. Kiyoshi is a young blonde haired Kumo teenager, though compared to his other genin he is shorter than most with a lean toned figure.

He wears the outfit of all Cloud ninja and he wears his forehead protector around his neck with pride. His outfit is riddled with various pouches, pockets hiding his large collection of weapons and items in and among the fabric.

Since honing life as a chuunin Kiyoshi has tried harder to be a follower of the rules and regulations of the village. He has developed a burning passion for fighting and seizes every chance he can. He now wears a cloak made of a shadow like material a special camouflage to help in his operations.


As a genin Kiyoshi lacked courage in himself, he was also slightly naive to the world, never traveling far from the village. He is was often too cautious around others. He tries his best to be calm externally but his mind is often going a mile a minute with a jumble of rational and irrational thoughts.

Though as he traveled further afield and carried out missions in other countries, he has grown more assertive and trusting in himself, his loyalty to the cloud village continues to burn bright and strong. Upon graduating as a Chuunin, he has begun to mature. The exam was torturous and dark, what he saw began hardening him to the world, he no longer jokes around as much and is becoming more closed off as he grows as a ninja.

As he became a more developed chuunin, he learnt to control his emotions and the turmoil of being assigned as a weapon for the cloud. He stayed most local during the recent upheavals and assisted in kumo. He has much more pride in his village than before, he loves to fight but is still cautious and tries to be authoritative when faced with something new.

Fighting Style:

Kiyoshi at his core is a medium ranged fighter, and more of a support role ninja. He is best focused on more covert and scout orientated styles of combat, strike unseen, hard, fast kill. Withdraw.

He utilities a range of debilitating genjutsu that create illusions based on his link to his Seishin Hosuto Owl and his shadow dark desires to be stealthy. Hosting a spirit beasts grants him a huge chakra reserve and the option to strike hard when least expected. He has a wide variety of situational jutsu utilizing his inner Ten-Ten with weapon summoning skills, both offensively and defensively.

Kiyoshi's strength is his weakest attribute but he relies on his speed and endurance to block and evade taijutsu opponents. When faced with those of other range capabilities, Kiyoshi plays defensive and analytical, trying to exhausted and deplete an opponent's chakra, as his own reserves grant greater longevity in a fight scenario.


Total Stats: 122
Strength 13
Speed 20
Chakra Levels 20
Chakra Control 13
Endurance 20
Chakra Points: 160CP
Banked 0

Chakra Points Calculation:

(Rank + CL*5 + Seishin Feat) = 30 + (20*5) + 30 (Chunin) = 160CP

Rank UpgradesEdit

  • Genin 1: Genjutsu Specialist
  • Genin 2: Weapon Summoning/Item Specialist
  • Jonin: N/A (Shadows Release)
  • S-Rank: N/A
  • Kage Rank: N/A


(Total Feats Earnt: 16 : 1 banked)


  1. Extra Stats  x2
  2. Seishin Hosuto Chakra: As a spirit beast Fukurou has a very large reserve of chakra that her host can draw upon. When her host is drawing upon her power the hosts eyes will glow an intense starlight blue/white due to her spiritual chakra (User gets 15CP for each feat invested in Seishin Hosuto abilities)

Jutsu's Edit

Weapon Summoning:

  1. Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu - Used to create real copies of weapons/equipment thrown [10CP] (Creates 40-50 Shuriken Clones that will strike the enemy as if they were normal shuriken)
  2. Weapon Summoning: Shuriken Sphere - This jutsu causes hundreds of chakra charged shuriken to be summoned. They fly outwards at great speed in a full 360 degree sphere from around the user, as they are the centre of this jutsu. The expanding sphere of chakra charged weapons have mid range but as the sphere expands the density of the shuriken decreases, this is primarily a defensive jutsu. [20CP]
  3. Weapon Summoning: Explosive Barrage - Kiyoshi summons a swarm of kunai each attached with a paper bomb trailing behind it. This attacks flies towards the target in a high wide arc the explosion is triggered by a single seal formation of his fingers. This attack causes a large amount damage to the local environment as well as it's intended target [20CP]
  4. Weapon Summoning : Chaining Flashes - The User summons special type of flash bomb that bounces and explodes three times. Each explosion is a large flash of light and a lot of sound. This is a purely blinding flash orientated jutsu and does not cause damage [20CP]


  1. Genjutsu: Disorientate - (Shadow Owl Style) The user appears to summon a dozen owls made of shadowy smoke that fly screeching around the battlefield. This jutsu affects the opponents senses. It adjusts their depth perception, dulls the enemies hearing and causes severe nausea, sweating and dizziness. This assault on the sense weakens their ability to fight as their co-ordination and awareness are severely impaired. -5 to Str and End. (Trigger - Kiyoshi whistles like a bird) [20CP]
  2. Genjutsu: Intermediate Paralysis - (Shadow Owl Style) - The opponent is paralyzed in place. The genjustu makes them believe that they have ambushed by four humanoid shaped shadows. The shadows snake along the floor and then emerge and release chains from there forearms, [-8 to Spd (Trigger - Kiyoshi whistles like a bird)] [20 CP]
  3. Genjustu: Mind Crush (lesser) - (Shadow Owl Style) A genjutsu designed to mentally crush their opponent. The victim sees in there vision shadow visions of fights and trauma once past. They hear whispers of ghosts long gone and are seemingly swirling in a shadowy world of horrible memories, all the while being taunted by owl like figures and shadows. Once the jutsu is over severe mental exhaustion sets in making it incredibly difficult to gather and manipulate chakra. (Trigger - Kiyoshi whistles like a bird) [20 CP, -8 CC]

Seishin Hosuto:

  1. Seishin Hosuto: Mind Duality - The user and Seishin have become one in mind, and they are able to use this to their advantage. It gives the user advanced perception and reflexes, Fukurou's hosts eyes will glow bright purple. Grants a +3 partial boost to STR (Ability to Hit) and SPD (Reaction). [10 CP/round]
  2. Seishin Hosuto: Blast of the Star-fire Owl (unique) - From Kiyoshi's mouth roars a fireball of purple celestial chakra. It quickly takes the shape of a large owl and will fly towards its target, maneuvering like it is a real bird. If struck or when it reaches it's target. this attack with explode into expanding ball of purple flames. It  will scorch  a small area  (8-10 ft in diameter) upon its impact. [20CP]
  3. Seishin Hosuto : Dance of the Celestial Owl (unique) - Kiyoshi stands still and focus's his minde to enter a serene mental state, his hands and feet focus Fukurou's flaming celestial chakra, giving a purple flaming glow. Kiyoshi then launches into a fast focused melee flurry of attacks, it is a combination of his taijutsu and his host raw power, it is a very elegant choreographed flurry of attack that can inflict a lot of damaged if his target is unable to defend. [20 CP] -
  4. Seishin Hosuto: Shroud of Fukurou: Fukurou allows her celestial chakra to envelop her host, transforming them into an avatar of herself. This causes the host to mimic the appearance of a large owl, the shroud creates a semi transparent appearance of glowing bright purple feathers all over the host's body. Entering this state also has an effect on the local environment, it causes a simple terrain altering genjustu that turns the surrounding area into night. If the seishin beam is the only offensive action during a round, then a single seishin beam may be used at half cost. The shroud grants a +4 full boost to STR, SPD, and END. [20 CP/round] (Secret technique! Unless you've seen it or been told about it, you don't know.)
  5. Seishin Hosuto: Seishin Beam: The Bijuu have their bombs, the Seishin have their beams. The Seishin beam is a very powerful and very taxing technique. It shoots out a beam from the mouth or hand at with a length of around 60ft, it can be used long enough to spread it in a 90 degree spread or focused on a spot for more damage. [40 CP]  (Secret technique! Unless you've seen it or been told about it, you don't know.)



  • (4) - Medium Armour
  • (3) - Camouflage (Cloak made of a shadowy smoke like material)
  • (3) - Chakra Pill x1
  • (3) - Set of Kunai
  • (2) - Set of Shuriken
  • (2) - Basic MedKit
  • (1) - Weighted Chain
  • (1) - Weighted Chain

Total: 19

  • End: 19


  • Ryo earned: 43500
  • Ryo left: 5000

Items/Equipment :

  • (500 Ryo) Lotto Ticket (Non-winner)
  • (20000 Ryo)  Replaced 2nd feat
  • (6000 Ryo) Reassigned SPx6

Single Use Items/Ryo Purchases

  • 1 Chakra Pill (Single Use) [Token exchange]
  • Scroll of Water [500 Ryo]

Completed MissionsEdit

Quest points:

  • Total: 107
  • Banked: 1
  • Reset Day : Thursday
  • Weekly Quota: 0/12

Raid: 1

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 1

B-Rank: 3

C-Rank: 8

D-Rank: 26

Other: 1

Kill Count: 15

Overseer DutiesEdit

S Rank:

A Rank:

B Rank:

C Rank:

Total Overseen: 7

Total Recapped: 8

History and StoryEdit

The World of a Chuunin:Edit

Kiyoshi's chuunin exam was brutual and horrific. A battlefiled scenario of horrific slain ninja, blood and carnage all around him and the other squad members he found himself with. The exam was a nightmare world, horrifc demons and beast, skulked the terrain and forest. He and his companions were to head towards a dark tower, surrounded by a lake of blood, upon entering they had to fight a monstorus construct of skeletons and the undead, before entering the final room with a women who was able to extract an ability from each of them. The managed to defeat her but sustianed many injuries and took a while to heal back upa nd start opperating as a chunnin.  Kiyoshi ordeal was not over, he had a duty to undergo for his village.

(The Temple of the Owls)

Kiyoshi now a Chuunin was to become a highly valuable assest to the Cloud Village, the Raikage and the council had decided to allow him to become the vessel for Fukurou, the Seishin Hosuto. Kiyoshi's father since the academy had also had a summoning contract with Owl, and their relationship had evolved that Owl revelaed what they were guarding. The cloud won favour and Kiyoshi was taken to their sacred temple for the sealing ritual. It takes several days and Kiyoshi has to engage in a combat with a Geisha inside his own mind. It takes him quite a while to understand what is going on, but eventually the battle comes to an end and the ritual is complete. Fukurou is now within him and the two form a mutual agreement to co-exist.

Life as a Genin:Edit

Upon graduating from the Academy,  Kiyoshi was thrown into the ninja world of missions and training. The early part of his genin career was spent mostly around Kumogakure, sparring with his friend Fujiwara Ibuki in an attempt to improve his skills. As a young child Kai had never really ventured far from the village, his first few missions would send him further afield than he had ever been.

(Lightning and Rain: A Stormy Alliance)

Due to the political upheaval in Amegakure, the Raikage and the Kouukage had forged a new alliance between the two villages, Cloud and Rain were now partners. This meant to improve relations and to show good faith, Kiyoshi and other genin would be assigned too paricapate in missions with other Rain ninja of the same rank. These missions took Kiyoshi out into the world, beyond the Land of Lightning, his first to clear out bandits and theives. However things weren't so simple, these vagabonds were being lead by a strange ninja puppet, though upon defeating it there was no sign of it's user.

Kiyoshi then ventured further than he ever had, as he went with the other Kumo nin to assist in the politcal coup to overthrow the controlling Oni, that currently were  occupying the hidden rain village government. At the war camp outside Amegakure, Kiyoshi was surrounded by strong ninja from all over the world, he tried his best to talk,learn and make freinds but his nerves got the better of him and he left the camp embrassed. Especially when he offended the head of the new Akatski, if it wasn't for the intervention of Masaki the Kouukage, he may of lost his head.

Though not directly involved in the raid, Kiyoshi and Kuma (another rain nin) were sent to protect a local noble's daughter, Mai, during this upheaval. Though it was simple guard duty, it went a little awry and the pair were ambushed while playing shoji and Mai was taken. They pair rescued her at the 'exchange' and killed the abductors. He returned to the war camp, which was now abandoned as the coup was a success. upon a debreifing Kiyoshi headed back for the village in the clouds as well as many surviving kumo nin.

(Deaf in the Sound).

Though the road back to the cloud village was long, it was taking longer than he expected. Only for him ro reliase that, Kiyoshi had taken took a wrong turn somewhere along the road. Thus ending up in the borders of land controlled by those of the village Hidden in the Sound. He encountered a young sound genin, Levi. The two conversed and shared some food, though cautious of each other, Levi lead him back to the main road through hidden paths that only the sound nin would know. This earned him Kiyoshi's trust.

Upon returning to the road they were confronted with a cloud nin out on scouting mission. The nin also had new orders for Kiyoshi, the cloud village had obtained new infomation on the puppet user. Lurking in a small village located out  in terrority occupied by the Sound. The mission had earned the authority to enter the this terrority in partnership with the village of the sound. This meant the new pair became a unit and set off in a joint mission to meet this informer and learn all the could, as the puppets were appearing all over different countries. 

Once the met this man, in a reclusive village, after a lengthy discussion they learnt of a powerful missing-nin previously of the sand, who is alleged to control these puppets. The informer was then killed by another puppet that appeared later out in the woods.  The pair of young genin were able to defeat it the puppet, Kiyoshi suffered minor wounds and burns, but they could not save the man they had met. .Hera, Yuki Levi's summoning creature, a large heron was able to fly the pair back the pair to safety.

After returning to suitable health, Kiyoshi continued on his travels back to the Cloud village, passing through a small town with a famous marketplace, The Golden Lotus. After wandering through sampling the food and local wares, he was approached by a hooded man. Masaki the Kouukage revealed himself and explained he was travelling to Kumo to visit the Raikage, Kiyoshi joined him and they headed back towards the village engrossed in conversation.

(Home Comforts)

Upon returning to the Cloud village, Kiyoshi sort the joys of his childhood home. Being away for the first time really made him release the importance of home and family. He enjoyed the downtime from the missions he could sit and cajol with is father, he helped cook and clean with his mother. The rest of the time Kiyoshi dedicated to immersing himself into the library of the cloud, trawling through scrolls, books and manuals in order to improve his skills as a ninja, the theory was just as import as the application. He was joined by his life long freind Ibuki, and the pair made great progress.

During a routine patrol of the surrounding Cloud countryside, Kiyoshi decided to unwind and indulge in the childish pastime of skipping stones at a small quaint lake. After a while he was greeted by his previous partner of late, Levi Yuki, the Ice user of the Sound. The two engaged in a intresting debate and competed in the throwing of rocks. Yuki Levi teased that he would be the better ninja of the two, not wanting to be out done the pair escualted their rivalry, it became offical when the pair sealed it in blood, promising that when the time was right they would unite and face off as Jounin.

(Splashing Around)

Kiyoshi had volunteered for a new mission, it would allow him to see more of the world, The Border Patrol of the Land of Water was recruiting nin, even those not from Kirigakure. Missing nin attacks had been rampart and the Feudal Lord of the Water had offered substantial financial reward to those who help and Kiyoshi was sent to represent his village.

At the meeting point, Kai is shocked at the type of place he finds himself, gambling, drinking and loose women galore. He encounters Ryo Hyuga, an Ame nin, who also is part of the recruits the two are well met due to the Alliance of their villages. There is also another ice user, Kiyoko Yuki. This is not the only ice user Kai has encountered, he doesn't ask about his past but he takes note. As they wait there orders a wounded member of the patrol bursts into the tavern, wounded and near death, the locals try to nurse him to health and the trio head out following his bloody trail. They are ambushed by a pair of missing nin, who are quickly dispatched, Ryo destroys one the opponents, decapitating him with a strong powerful strike, kiyoshi saw the vast difference in levels betweent him and someone of the rank of Chuunin. Using a team effort of Kiyoshi's own paralysising genjustu and Kiyoko's ice needles they made a pin cushion of the final opponent.

The trio departed after their patrol ceased and Kiyoshi continued on solo to check the local area as he headed out of the land of water. Upon leaving he encountered a young waterfall nin, Nobu, the two engaged in conversation before a spar erupted between the two, his explsoive style was unique and Kiyoshi did not want to be struck by him. Then his rival, Levi Yuki and his weird sound companiion appeared. The fight was cut short and they group conversed. Knowing that Levi would be safe without him he departed off continuing his patrol.

(Growing Strong)

After time spent within the Land of Water, Kiyoshi's skills were rapidly improving. With each mission he was stronger, faster and his mind even keener. Throughout this time he had been observing, adjusting and working hard  at the being the ninja he desired to be. His skills with his genjutsu were improving, as were his talents in using more advance techniques, which were needed in these new combat situations. Kai believed that he was almost ready to take his Chuunin exam, he was returning to Kumo, adamant his requested would be granted.

While travellling through neutral terrority he encountered another traveller out on the path, heading away from the Land of Fire. A red headed man who hailed from the famous Uzamaki clan, Mentsuyu. The two had an uneasy stand off, Kai's recent experiences out on patrol  have made him wary of new faces in distant places. Kiyoshi was unable to hide his ninja appearance resulted in the pair exchanging a series interogating questions, trying to deem if the other were a threat. They come to a mutual respect and shake before departing in opposite directions on their own journeys.

Upon returning to the cloud village Kiyoshi earns an audience with the Raikage to request for his chuunin exam. After much dicussion it is decided not feasible that Kiyoshi may take this exam, it will be delayed. Kiyoshi leaves the office, upon emerging from the building he has a fit of rage and frustration, shouting out to the world. Everything he has been training for over the last months of missions, denied to him. He heads for home in a sulk, when a scroll mysterious appears in his presence.

The message gives a time and a place, the Falls of the End, and to come masked. Convinced this is part of an exam the delusional, Kiyoshi retireves an old family ANBU mask and heads for his destination. As he arrives he finds a masked man standing at the base of the water. Slowly another two figures appear, also masked, a quick exchange of conversation reveals the masks are to maintain animity between villages and to allow for teamwork. The man introduces himself as "X" and makes the ninjas follow him to the mission target.

The three ninja remain in awkward silence, as they travel tough conversation erupts into insults and snide remarks. "X" confronts the trio and questions thier way of a ninja. Kiyoshi defiantly praises his villages roots and heritage. They continue travelling until "X" turns upon the group. Using whips and chains "X" he is able to deflect and absorbed the jutsu's that the trio throw at him, only through a combined attack of teamworkdo they strike him down and defeat him. Though the man reveals this is no exam, when Kiyoshi questions but that he is part of an ancient order trying to promote peace and unity between ninja. Kiyoshi explodes in outrage of being robbed of his rank increase,he leaves  the other two mask nin who stay behind to help the wounded man.

(Sparks of Youth)

Kiyoshi over the next few weeks, stays mostly bound to the village and the Land of Lightning, he spends many hours in the library pouring over data and scrolls, constantly trying to learn and improve. Kiyoshi has undercovered a series of writings about Seishin Hosuto's and becomes entrance by learning more about them. He also travels out on local defensive patrol regualrly and practicing his skills in the training grounds of the village.

Upon once such routine journey Kiyoshi encounters his rival, Levi Yuki, again out here in the Land of Lightning. They have a differcult converstion exchangin detaisl about there interactions with other villages, Kiyoshi learns of Levis hate for the Waterfall Village, for reasons he can not quite fathom. The pair are then joined by another Cloud nin also out patrolling this part of the world, Ibuki. The trio converse and cajol but the turn on Kiyoshi and he can;t handle it, he erupts in a short burst of killing intent and then stops himself, apolgises to his comrades and continues on his patrol, the anger in doesn't spike often but when it does it is intense and hateful.

(Why is it Always Raining?)

Kiyoshi spent a lot of time running intel errands between Kumo and Ame, the new alliance was putting a lot of demand on all the ninja, it required a lot of deciationa nd input. His last visit to Ame he encounterd his rival Levi again and his sound nin companion Taro. The trio discussed at length the others purposes of being here, Kiyoshi eager to not see hsi rival killed so quickly to remain viligant and cautious here as the whole village was teeming with Kumo and Ame nin, and if they were to cause trouble that escape would be very difficult.

Kiyoshi then attended the Kouukages manison, where he met Shinkiro.. He was responding to an request for Ninja for both villages to come forward and form a new organisation. It primary purpose to help preserve the Alliance between the two villages and to stop the enemies of the vilalge from trying to split them apart The Oni and the Forgotten are still two major threats to this world and Shinkiro wants to make sure that theya re stamped out forever. Kiyoshi questions him further asking about logistrics and details, he wants to know what he is up against and eventually he scribbles his name and agrees to join the team. He then returns to Kumo as he has earnt himself some time off.

Early Life (Pre-Genin):Edit

Kiyoshi was born of two chuunin cloud ninjas, both his mother and father dealt with local and defensive missions within the Land of Lightning, throughout his younger years. He has a great admiration and loyalty towards his village.

Kai showed an affinity at an early age for hunting, his father teaching him how to construct simple traps for capturing local wildlife. When his father would leave for a mission, Kiyoshi would be adamant to prove his worth. He would modify the traps, devoleping these simple designs into more sophiscated and efficient traps. He wasable to present his father him with his prizes upon his return.

Upon enrolling into his genin training his passion for trapping was adjusted for combat and battlefield scenarios. During his first set of examinations at the academy it should that Kiyoshi was very bright, a student of intellect. Through the training it also emerged that he mother's blood was flowing strong in his veins. His abilities with genjustu were strong and brimming with potential.

Upon graduating as a Genin his skills had begun to flourish.


Ibuki Fujiwara - Life long childhood freind. The two have trained and grew up together. Often sparing and socialising with one another. They both graduated from genin training at the same time and are expecting to join the same team when they start heading out onto missions.

Levi Yuki - A sound nin that Kiyoshi has encountered in his genin life. They have run a few missions together, teasing insulting, and cajoling each other constantly. Even though they have a bitter attitude towards each other, they sealed their rivalry in blood promising to reunite as jonin to determine who of them has become the stronger.

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