Konoha Medical Institution Symbol

Thr Konoha Medical Institution is an private academy for those that want to learn Medical Ninjutsu. It is headed by Jiiru Gami, whos skills in the field are unsurpassed. 


To join the Konoha Medical Institution a form must be filled out with a registration form must be filled out with a small monetary fee.

Current facility members:

Jiiru Gami

Shiro Natsaki

Maguya Gami

Netsou Oriha 



The Konoha Medical Institution was quickly set up after the 4th Great Shinobi War, when Kiisu Gami established his works and was granted funds to help those in need. His buisness had been a huge success, and he created more medical academies in other villages.  It's not without critisism however, the institute has encountered a lot of legal issues, most of which have been worked out and some profits gained from this private academy go back to Konoha. 

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