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Hayate went walking in the Land of Snow after getting his new Byakugan.

Mission RecapEdit

Hayate Yuki was wandering about the Land of Snow when all of the sudden, Ryo Hyuga of Amegakure approached him, asking about his Byakugan. Hayate explained how he killed another ninja to acquire it, and to much surprise, Ryo didn't seem to care. They two were then approached by Tiburan "Tibs Marone" Momochi and Shinji Uchiha. They continued to discuss trivial matters outside, but the land of snow is quite cold so they went to the nearby inn. Hayate drank his fill of sake and then went to sleep as the other three continued to talk and drink. Shinji then got quite inebriated and told everyone to "Believe It." He soon passed out on the couch. Ryo and Tibs stayed up through the night though, and had a nice talk.

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