Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit

Goal: Retrieve a scroll from an abandoned temple.


The Leaf Mission Board called for a group of ninja to find and access an abandoned temple in the forests not too far from the Leaf Village itself, and upon entry, to retrieve a scroll that was forgotten there after it was abandoned.  The temple is warned to be laden with traps.

Mission RecapEdit

Jishin and Arashi take mission and set off for the location in the forest where the temple is said to lie.  Arashi takes flight and observes from the air to spot any obvious traps, and Jishin takes to the trees, following close behind.  Early on, Jishin steps on a weak branch and falls into what is no doubt a trap, but is saved by a quick reaction by Arashi and his own Wood Jutsu.

Soon after, the two reach the temple and find a large wooden gate with a seal on it that has erected a strong barrier.  Through trial and error, Arashi notices a hole at the top of the barrier and flies through it, landing inside the temple courtyard.

Once inside, Arashi notices a large seal in the center of the courtyard.  Thinking it will unlock the gate, he steps on it and five large stone statues near the entrance to the temple come to life and begin to march toward him.  Arashi takes down one and realizes the rest are too much, so he blasts the gate open from the inside where it is not protected by a seal, allowing Jishin to enter.

Together, Arashi and Jishin defeat the five stone golems.  They enter the temple, surprised to not find any traps.  They soon find the scroll, which is held by a massive stone statue.  Thinking quickly, Arashi propels himself with his Wind Jutsu and grabs the scroll, escaping the trap of the stone golem narrowly and finally escaping with the scroll in hand.

The two sustained minor injuries; Jishin's arm was fractured in multiple places, and Arashi's leg was broken.

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