The Light Release involves manipulation light in it's various forms from bolts and beams to physical manifestions of weapons conjured from nothing. Light release is a versatile technique, it's users tend value it's precision and capability to burn as well as it's ability to cast aside darkness. Most ninja proficient in light pursue an end to evil but not all use it's power for good.



  • Fey Lights- The user will tack a small but bright orb of light onto their target with a successful melee attack. This orb of light will temporarily make attacks made on the target slightly more likely to hit. The bright light also makes the target stand out, making them easier to hit. Lasts 1 round after placing[5 cp, can be performed with another action] (Grants a circumstantial hit bonus to all other attacks made to the target while the light persists]
  • Dark Piercing Light- The user fires several small bolts of light at a target, impaling and burning them before dissipating. [10 cp]
  • Shining Blade- The user coats their weapon in a dim light increasing the reach and power of attacks made with said weapon. [10 to activate, 5 to maintain]
  • Zap!- The user fires off a beam of light in a straight line, in an attempt to stop their target through non lethal means.[10 cp]


  • Smite- The user creates a strong ray of light in their hands that burns whatever it comes in contact with. This can be used to cut through some objects like doors or trees. [20 cp]
  • Swords Of Light- The user conjures 5 blades of light which launch at a target skewering and burning them [20 CP]
  • Guardian Aura- The user casts a dome of light around themselves and nearby allies protecting them from damage.[20 to activate, 10 to maintain]
  • Light Speed- The user amps up their movement speed by adding the qualities of light chakra to their body. [+8 speed 20/round]


  • Holy Ray- The user forms a huge orb light in front of them before launching dozens of beams from the orb, striking a single target and damaging them.[40 cp]
  • Judgement- After casting a circle of light at a target location to denote where the attack will strike a beam of light falls from the heavens to burn everything within the targeted location. [40 cp AoE]
  • Binding Chains of Light- The user sends an orb of light out that fires chains at the target, binding them in place [40 cp binding 20 to maintain]
  • Blessed Shield- The user envelops an area in beautiful shining light that protects all within from damage. [40 cp barrier 20 to maintain
  • Photo-Copy [Light Clone]- The user creates a clone made of light that can take part in combat, upon defeat it explodes in a shiny burst, dealing damage equal to remaining CP. [follows normal clone mechanics]

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