Name: Light Release: Shining Gun
Kanji: unknown

Romanji: unknown
Yusuke's Spirit Gun op3

Normal Version

Classification: Ninjutsu
Parent Rank: Light Release
Class: Offensive
Range: Long

Hand Seals: Unknown
Yusuke's Spirit Gun op4

Supercharged Version

Chakra Control: 13

The user makes their hand into a pistol shape and focuses chakra into their index finger. Then they release all the chakra combined with light release. A beam of light shoots out of their finger almost instantly in the shape of a beam. The beam can cut through mundane objects. The beam's reach is about half a km. The beam is slightly blue and yellow. The supercharged version of this jutsu shoots out in a cone shape with yellow swirling around the cone and doesn't shoot as far as the normal version.

Known Users:

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