Luminous Release is the style of light used by the Divine, and by any powerful light user. This RU grants power of the purest forms of light, as well as many other extemely helpful abilities. Luminosity is used to describe the energy released from a star, which is the purest form of light.


RU has not been used in a long time and may be out of date. If you wish to take this RU, contact the ephors to work on updating the RU.


  1. Light Release
  2. Jonin Level



Flight: The user creates a pair of ethereal wings that allow them to fly with ease. [10, then 5 per turn active]

Starsign Seal: A dimly glowing seal that when pressed will restore chakra, it works the same as a Yin Seal, requiring 3 feats for full potential. (CP Gained: 30 for 1 feat, 65 for 2 feats, 100 for 3 feats. Feats are rank restricted, with one per RU between chunin and S-rank)


  1. Gemini, The Twin- Creates a clone of light that will fight until defeated, in which it will explode dealing damage equal to CP remaining in the clone. [follows clone rules]
  2. Libra, The Scales- The user balances their body, mind and spirit using celestial power, and they can foucs much better in combat. [+8 partial to dodge, 20/turn]
  3. Aurora Austrailus- The user creates an aura of transparent shimmering light that will protect who or whatever is in the aura, the aura follows the user can also choose to allow people to enter the aura [so as not to conflict with shoving allies when the user moves]. [20, 10 to maintain]
  4. Cassiopeia, The Queen- The user creates a pair of chakra arms made of light, they can cast jutsu and carry weapons.


  1. Supernova- The user generates a small star at a point, then detonates it to cause a massive explosion, leaving glittering star bits in the blast zone. Can be followed up by star dust. [40]
  • Stardust- After the explosion of Supernova the user strikes with the fine glitter left behind. [20 cp, deals 30 cp in damage]

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