Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Kirigaya of the Crows
Tiburan Momochi

Mission ProfileEdit


Retrieve the Lyre from the Kirigaya clan Temple


Kirigaya sets off to retrieve his clans greatest artifact, with the help of Tiburan.

Mission RecapEdit

When Kiri and tibs arrive, they fall into a slide that carry them into the temple. It is brightly illuminated, but there are no lights or candles. Kiri senses it as light chakra. Two spirits come, and explain his first trial is to overcome fear, and find light even in the darkest places. When he defeats them, he proceeds. Another spirit comes, and they fall into another pit. The spirit explains that the many skeletons in the pit are previous Kirigaya clan members who did not pass the test. This trial tests your honor. After fighting for some time, he is given the choice to leave and take the Lyre by either abandoning his friend or using the bones of his ancestors to climb out, but refusing to dishonor either, he heals Tiburan and defeats the spirit. He passes the test and they are let out, to take the Lyre. The spirit fades away and says there is no need for the temple anymore, so it starts to collapse. They make it out just in time, then walk off in the sunset. yay.

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